Is Freebies Frenzy a Scam? Freebies Frenzy Review

freebies frenzy reviewIs Freebies Frenzy a scam? Can you really get freebies with Freebies Frenzy? Or is it a hoax? Find out by reading this Freebies Frenzy review.

What Is Freebies Frenzy?

Freebies Frenzy is basically a website that post
s new ways to get free products. Many times, companies will offer free samples or products as a special discount. For example, Krispy Kreme was offering a free donut on the US election day, November 8. Freebies Frenzy simply lists these specials. A few new freebies are posted each week.

There is also a Freebies Frenzy newsletter that you can sign up to. This newsletter will let you know about new freebies. I don’t recommend signing up to this, because you will likely get spam mail from a lot of companies, and you may not be able to unsubscribe (see later why).

Freebies Frenzy also has a list of coupons that allow you to save money on various products. These coupons are really powered by By clicking on the coupons, you will be taken to, where you will be able to clip those coupons and print them out. This is a great way to save money on groceries and other shopping needs, but you really should just go to directly; there’s no need to go to Freebies Frenzy first.

Freebies Frenzy Surveys

Freebies Frenzy also has a list of surveys that you can take to make money. These surveys are powered by Opinion Network. Opinion Network is a third-party survey company that lets people use their surveys on their site. Freebies Frenzy uses Opinion Network’s surveys. I don’t recommend taking these surveys, because the most you can make is just a few dollars an hour, and it’s not really worth your time.

So, Is Freebies Frenzy a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Freebies Frenzy does not look like a scam to me. It simply lists various opportunities for free products that independent companies are offering. However, only a few freebies are posted each week, and many of these freebie offers are time-sensitive — meaning they expire after a certain time. Thus, except for the freebies that were recently posted on Freebies Frenzy, many of the older freebies don’t work.

I also don’t recommend signing up for the Freebies Frenzy newsletter. There have been a number of complaints at the BBB of people getting spam mail from many companies after signing up, with no way of unsubscribing. These people complained that the unsubscribe link did not work. This is what caused the BBB to give Freebies Frenzy an F rating.

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  1. Kathy Keith

    I am always interested in reading these reviews. I am signed up for one called Women’s Freebies and it basically works the same way. I don’t get a lot of spam, and sometimes there are some good freebies. Good information!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Kathy,

      I have never heard of Women’s Freebies. Thanks for letting us know 🙂


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