Is A Scam Or A Freelancer Utopia?

Is Freelancer a scam? Many freelancers wonder about these so-called freelance sites, where freelancers could is a scamsupposedly bid a price on projects they will work on. Let’s explore this website and find out whether or not it is a scam.


How It Works (Or How It’s Supposed to Work, Anyway)

There are many website owners and other people who need work done for them, whether that work is designing a site, writing articles, taking care of a website’s HTML code, or something else. And there are many freelancers who are looking for work. So’s goal is to connect these freelancers to those who need them. Freelancers work, get paid, and then takes a small commission off the freelancer’s wage.

There are both free and paid membership levels for freelancers, with the main advantage of paid membership being access to more job bids per month.

The problems, however, are many. First of all, there is no guarantee that the person hiring you, or the person you are hiring, is not a scammer. How do you know that the person you are working for will not simply take your work and then not pay you? And how can you test the people you are hiring so that you won’t hire anyone who will mess up your website and take all your money?

The next problem is the bidding process. When freelancers look for jobs, they must submit a price bid on a posted job, meaning how much they want to get paid. The problem is that there will always be people who are willing to work for less than you are, and the job poster will likely choose them. After all, if you live in the US, you may want to get paid five cents a word, but someone in another country such as India or Pakistan will be overjoyed to work for one cent for every five words.

The real problem with, though, is that there is just so many complaints about, that it’s simply impossible to ignore. Review sites such as Ripoff Report and SiteJabber are filled with horror stories of freelancers working hard, and when they finally accumulated a significant amount of money in their account, their account was suddenly frozen and they were unable to withdraw that money. There are stories of freelancers getting charged the ten percent commission that takes off all wages paid though they have never actually received their wages. There are also many stories of website owners hiring freelancers and putting a deposit into their account, only to never receive their work and never getting a refund from

So, Is Freelancer A Scam? Can It Really Be True? scam

These complaints should be a red light

I’m afraid Freelancer may not be totally legit. The hundreds of complaints make me afraid of actually trying it out.


Just take a look at the complaints on Ripoff Report, SiteJabber, and Highya, or just google ‘ complaints.” There’s no information at the BBB about either. Another thing I have noticed is that most freelancers bidding for jobs on their website are new freelancers with no reviews or work done yet – another red light.

I would not advise you to try out It may be legit, or it may not be, but all these online complaints, as well as  the horrible reviews it has received from many blogs, make me want to avoid it at all costs.

Hey, what do you think about Do you think it is worth it? Have you had any experience with it? If yes, please let us know below whether YOU think is a scam!


  1. JoshyT

    Thanks for writing this review, I’ve been looking into going onto freelance work. I’ve heard of fiverrr, iwriter etc. but I hadn’t heard of freelancers.

    Thanks for warning me, I shan’t be using them to try to do some freelance work. I am very intrigued to know, which freelance sites would you recommend?

    Cheers Ben!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Josh,

      Here is a list of websites where you can find freelance writing jobs.

      All the best.

  2. Rehmiee

    Hello Ben,
    Being new in this online business I would say we need more people like you to write great article like this to expose scammers. Either we learn through people’s mistakes or our own.Usually we would be paying our way through our own mistakes before we can really see what’s genuine and what’s not. You just saved many people from “jumping” into a black hole. Thank you for your great sharing Ben.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      I am happy that I could help, Rehmiee, and I wish you much success for the future 🙂

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Ben,

    very interesting report and anyone can throw up a website giving reviews be they good or bad, accurate or inaccurate so you do have to be diligent with your research and do a lot of referencing like you have done here, however, the question arises what site for hiring “freelancers” and getting some outsourced work done for you at good quality and pricing, would you recommend using?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Derek,

      That is an excellent question. In fact, I’m glad you asked. In my opinion, the best way to hire a freelancer would be to post a job on freelance writing job boards, such as ProBlogger, Online-Writing-Jobs, and others. You can also post your ad on sites like Indeed, Career Builder, and Craigslist. List the qualifications that you are seeking, and ask potential freelancers to give you their resume, writing experience, and some samples that they have written. You can find excellent freelancers for the right price.

  4. Steve

    Yes. 100% scam.

    I set up a petition to try to do something about this:


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for sharing, Steve.

  5. Bob

    I loved your site as I have tried several different programs myself. Mainly the various survey sites, with much anger and frustration in the end.As a matter of fact, the other day I had a marketer call me about amazon trying to get me into the affiliate program for only $299. I told him I was already an affiliate with amazon, and he told me the affiliate program was not free and I was involved in a scam. Any how as far as your site goes,I really enjoyed it as it is very informative and easy to maneuver And it was absolutely loaded with current information, on about every make money site there is. I thought your site was very good and enjoyed reading it!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, always be careful with phone calls, emails, or contact made via social media where someone claims to be from a reputable company and asks for money — it’s usually a fraud. Thanks for your kind words :

  6. Kelcee

    Your website is very informative.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanx 🙂


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