Is GetPaidToTry Legit or a Scam? GetPaidToTry Review

is getpaidtotry legit or a scam Is GetPaidToTry legit? Or is GetPaidToTry a scam? Find out by reading this GetPaidToTry review.

What Is GetPaidToTry?

GetPaidToTry is a site that offers you cash rewards for trying out offers. They advertise all types of services and products and will pay you for trying them out.

For example, if you sign up to a free trial on one of the companies listed on their site, you might earn a few dollars. Some offers are free, while others are paid — meaning if you purchase one of the products on their site, GetPaidToTry will pay you a few dollars in return. Once you earn $20, you can get paid.

GetPaidToTry also has a list of coupons and cashback offers you can get. These coupons let you get some cash back when purchasing select products.

The signup process at GetPaidToTry is a little annoying, because before you are taken to your account you will be shown whole lists of offers and advertisements, one after another. (All you really need to do is just click “Skip” at each advertisement.)

Does GetPaidToTry Really Work?

getpaidtotry reviewThe first thing that concerns me is that GetPaidToTry has an F rating with the BBB. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, because there is only one BBB complaint, and the complaint was about getting unwanted emails from GetPaidToTry (which anyone who signs up to their site will get).

The next thing that concerns me is that the coupons and cashback offers at GetPaidToTry all seem to be powered by SavingStar. SavingStar is a separate company that gives you cash back for purchasing products through their site. However, SavingStar has a B rating with the BBB, and there are a lot of complaints there about SavingStar closing and freezing accounts and not allowing people to get paid the cashbacks they earned.

The third thing that concerns me is that I actually completed an offer that was listed on GetPaidToTry, and although I was supposed to earn $0.75, my account balance is still empty. This leads me to believe that the site is actually is not being updated and maintained by the owners. The fact that their blog and Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2014 (except for one Facebook post in 2015), in addition to the the fact that there are only 30 offers listed on their site, just strengthens this belief.

So, Is GetPaidToTry a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

I don’t think GetPaidToTry is an outright scam. However, I also don’t think that you should waste your time on it. It’s not being maintained and it doesn’t seem like you can actually make money there anymore. The fact that it has an F rating with the BBB is also cause for concern.

It looks like the owner had a great idea and created a site that just didn’t turn out to be profitable in the end, so they abandoned it.

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