Is InboxPays Legit? The Inbox Pays Scam

the inbox pays scamIs InboxPays legit? Will they really pay you money and send cash to your inbox? Read all about the Inbox Pays scam to find out.

Inbox Pays — How It Works

Signing up to Inbox Pays is easy. You have to enter some basic information. You will be shown pages of offers as part of the signup process, but you can click the “skip” button on the bottom of each page until they end. After completing your registration, you will earn a $5 bonus.

Inbox Pays offers a number of ways to make money online. There are three main ways, and here they are.

#1: Sign Up to Offers. When you sign up to offers, you will get paid some cash as a reward. These offers include subscriptions to other survey panels, trying out free offers, and signing up to a mailing list.

#2: Spin the Arrow: You can spin the arrow and get a chance to win some cash. I spinned the arrow two time: The first time I won 10 cents and the second time I won one dollar. In order to be able to spin the arrow, you need to get points by completing offers similar to what was mentioned above.

#3: Read Emails: By clicking on the links in the emails that Inbox Pays sends you, you will earn between a few cents and 25 cents per email.

Will Inbox Pays Really Pay You?

In order to get paid by Inbox Pays, you need to have earned a minimum of $50. That’s a lot of money, and most people will never reach that amount. Furthermore, there are more restrictions: You need to have earned no less than $25 from signing up to offers/spinning the arrow and no more than $25 from reading and clicking on emails.

I would not be so confident that Inbox Pays will actually pay you. According to the BBB, they have received several complaints since March 2015 about people not being paid what was owed them.

The complaints center around two issue: One, that Inbox Pays never sent them payment, and never replied to people who contacted them; Two, that when people were approaching $50 in earnings, Inbox Pays suddenly blocked their account and never let them finish earning.

Inbox Pays — Suspicious Testimonials

Look at this testimonial (from Inbox Pays’ website), where this person gives Inbox Pays a good review.

inboxpays legit

Sounds nice? Well, look at this testimonial, from Panda Research’s website!

inbox pays scam

The same person, the same picture, and the same exact wording. Only the company is different. (InboxPays doesn’t even offer surveys.)

What does this mean? I don’t know what it means. It could mean that both companies found this person on Fiverr or somewhere else and paid them to do a testimonial. It could also be that one company copied the other company’s testimonial. In any case, it definitely smells bad. It definitely looks suspicious.

So, Is Inbox Pays a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

I certainly would stay away from Inbox Pays. It has a bad reputation with the BBB for not paying its members, it has a suspicous testimonial, and it sets such difficult regulations for getting paid.

There are many superior ways to make money online, so check them out.


  1. Lucinda

    They are difficult to deal with. They don’t seem to realize that I am their client and I am making purchases from their vendors for them to get paid. But they are not giving me credit. So I would say they are a scam. I am going to call their vendors tomorrow and tell them I will no longer make purchases of their products and services because Inboxpays makes me feel like I have fallen into the hands of a hoax or scam and therefore do not trust the products or the companies’ business. I will have to report it to the BBB also. This is Unfortunate as I was interested in the products that I was finding based on surveys. I have lost all trust in doing business this way even though it was helpful to me to take surveys to find products that would be helpful. I will tell ecveryone consumering this way to not do business with Inboxpays and beware of the other companies out there that are sending surveys for products and services.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Lucinda!

      Yes, I agree with you. I do not recommend Inbox Pays, as I make clear in my review. I don’t trust them either.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kathy

    Thanks so much for this warning to stay away from Inbox Pays. A few years back I explored this kind of program but I never really pursued it because it sounded scammy. Just the $50 minimum pay alone is suspicious as it really is hard to accumulate that much for programs like this. I agree that there are more superior ways to earn money online.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Kathy,

      You are right. These companies make such high restrictions to being able to earn a payout. It is extremely hard to earn $50 by doing offers and such. It’s possible, but it takes such a long time that most people just give up before they reach $50. It’s a way to get out of paying their users.

      All the best,


  3. Kate

    Hey! Thankyou so much for the review. I personally use topcashback. They’re really reliable and I can earn money on purchases that I would normally be buying anyway.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Kate,

      Hey, thanks for letting us know about that! I wrote it down and will check it out and perhaps do a review on it.

      All the best,


  4. Seth

    Thanks for the heads up Ben! I appreciate the pics and the personal experience that you shared about it. And checking in with the BBB is great insight. Looks like Inbox Pays is a HUGE waste of time!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Seth,

      Yes, it is always recommended to see if there is a BBB file on a company before joining it.

      All the best,



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