Is iWriter A Scam? My Opinion: iWriter Survives On Exploitation

What is iWriter?Is iWriter a scam? If not, can I make any real 2015-10-12-14-53-28money at iWriter? Can I earn a living through iWriter? And how does it work?

How iWriter Works

Signup is simple, easy, and free. There are no qualifications necessary to sign up at iWriter, besides taking a short an easy grammar test. After signing up, you may start writing immediately.

iWriter is certainly not on my recommended programs list; however, it is possible to make a few dollars here or there.

There are 4 levels at iWriter: Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus.

Here is a breakdown of the earnings for each level:

Standard Writers:
  • 150 Words=$1.01
  • 300 Words=$1.62
  • 500 Words=$2.43
  • 700 Words=$4.05
  • 1000 Words=$6.08


Premium Writers
  • 150 Words=$2.23
  • 300 Words=$3.65
  • 500 Words=$4.46
  • 700 Words=$5.79
  • 1000 Words=$8.51
Elite Writers
  • 150 Words=$3.44
  • 300 Words=$5.67
  • 500 Words=$8.10
  • 700 Words=$10.13
  • 1000 Words=$14.99

Keep in mind that you may also find requesters who actually post higher paying jobs on both premium and elite articles, so these are just the minimum. Elite Plus writers can earn a lot more, but there are very few such articles available.

So… How Do I Get to a Premium or Elite Status?

Everyone starts out as a standard writer. After writing an article, the job poster rates the writer’s performance. After 30 ratings, an average is taken. If your average is at least 4.1 stars, you have achieved premium status. 4.6 stars makes you an Elite writer, while 4.85 stars makes you an Elite Plus iwriter a scam

Your ratings will continue after 30 reviews as well, but you need a minimum of 30 reviews to become an Elite writer. You can become a Premium writer after 25 reviews.

There is also a fast track program, where you submit to the iWriter staff 3 articles on the topics they provide you. This costs $147(!!!!!). You actually have to pay them to work. Whatever. They say it is to make sure only serious people apply, and for the staff’s fees. Do I recommend doing this? No, I do not. Who knows how strict they are, and you’ll have to achieve at least an Elite status to make up that $147 in the first 30 articles you write.

Writing is done directly on the iWriter website, on their own writing surface.

There is a certain time limit when you have to finish the article. If you don’t finish in the allocated time, you forfeit your work. This is as follows: 150, 300 & 400 Words:2 hrs; 500 Words:3 hrs; 700 & 1000 words:5 hrs.

You may save your work as a draft and continue later, provided you finish in the allocated time.

Your work may be rejected by the requester. They have 3 days to either accept it or reject it, after which it is automatically accepted.

Payments are made to your PayPal account, provided you have earned at least $20. You can choose to be paid every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, every 5th of the month, or every 25th of the month.

Who is iWriter For?

Anyone can make money through iWriter.

You must take an easy grammar test, and get 13 out of 15 questions right. Believe me, it’s a joke. If you don’t pass, you can simply reapply right away.

The requester may reject your work, so you should be able to write a decent text. You should also know basic grammar and spelling rules.

iWriter Cons

The real con is that the pay is so low. Even $8.10 for 500 words will barely bring in the minimum wage. In order to write a quality article that will get accepted, you must do adequate research on that subject.

Although sometimes a requester will want you just to write about something general, most times you’ll have to write about a specific topic, and many times you will have to do a product review. Just doing the research will obviously take time.

Also, sometimes the requester gives you a specific keyword without any real instructions. It’s up to you to figure out what he or she wants. Other times, they’ll give you TOO MANY instructions, and if you don’t follow it to the letter of the law, e.g. how much words each paragraph should have, how many subtitles and bullet points, etc, they’ll simply reject it. They lose nothing. Only you do.

Some requesters are really cheap. Look at this guy.


Mr. Picky

Mr. Picky

For Standard Writers!

For Standard Writers!

He obviously wants the best of the best but is not willing to pay more than a few dollars. And because of that, he has no qualms about wasting the time, effort, and money that could have been earned by 671 hard working unfortunate writers who must go through 30 articles at standard rates. (It’s more likely he just rejected the articles and used them anyway.)

And by the way, he had a rating of about 5 stars. That’s because if your article was rejected, you cannot rate the requester. That means that they have nothing to lose, except that if they reject too many articles, no one will want to write for them. And that’s why all requesters have a 5 or close to a 5-star rating.

I certainly do not recommend wasting your time writing for the above requester or for anyone that accepted less than %75 of the articles, especially if they’re only paying a few bucks. I mean, you get what you pay for. If you only want to pay $2, then you can’t be too picky about the quality of the articles, as long as they make sense and are written in proper English.

iWriter Scam

This Guy Wants 4 Star Writers, But Is Only Willing To Pay Standard Rates!!

Some requesters always expect top-notch, even though you’re only getting paid $2 an hour. And they’ll rate accordingly.

And there is more. Requesters often rate, not based on the actually quality of the article, but how their FEELINGS are about the article. Meaning that because they were expecting something different, because they didn’t give adequate instructions, because they’ll always give articles a 4 star unless they really like it, or whatever, you can get a lower rating. And because you need a 4.1 average to be a premium writer, that’s pretty lousy.


iWriter Pros

On the other hand, most requesters are not like that. Most people do not reject articles for no good reason. And if they give you no instructions, they usually don’t really care.Most requesters seem to be decent, honest people. The ones who aren’t, usually request standard writers and have a low acceptance rate. So it is a hurdle to get to the 30 article mark.


More iWriter Pros And Cons

  • Pro: Absolutely no expertise or experience required to join.
  • Pro: Work anywhere and whenever you feel like.
  • Pro: Write as much or as little as you want.



  • Con: You have to write 30 quality articles for little pay before you start earning anything substantial.
  • Con: The iWriter writing interface doesn’t work well on some browsers. Make sure it’s possible to make spaces and paragraphs or switch to a new browser.
  • Con:Little rules here and there. For example, you can’t write two articles within 40 minutes of each other until you get rated five times.

Help & Support

You can contact them through the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of their website; they’re quick to respond.

Here is an email response I received after I complained that my perfectly fine article was rejected, rated a 1.5 stars, and the reason for rejection was “no thank you”.

is iwriter legit

That was actually nice of them, though I still didn’t get paid.


At a later date, I was about to sell the article discussed in the above email, when to my astonishment, after checking it in Google, MY ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED ON SOMEONE’S SITE!!!! I contacted iWriter support, and here is what I got:

iwriter scam


*UPDATE #2* The web page is still up, and the requester’s account HAS NOT BEEN BANNED. Note that the requester had an approval rate of around %40, and frequently rejected articles with a simple no thank you. However, they may have told her that she must stop rejecting so many articles.



  1. Q:Can’t I just copy and paste from something on the web and submit it? How will they know? A:All submissions are run through Copyscape, which will detect all copying. You will be sent a warning if rejected by Copyscape. After 3 warnings, you’re out; you’ll be banned from the site.
  2. Q: How well do I have to know English? A:Your articles will probably be rejected if they are not grammatically correct or if they have spelling mistakes.
  3. Q:Is there a minimum rating required for the Standard writer level?A:Yes. If you have a rating of below 3.2 after 10 reviews, or 3.4 after 20 reviews, your account will be banned, to protect the quality of the website.
  4. Q:What if at the beginning, I wasn’t a good writer, and my first 30 articles weren’t that good? Can I become an Elite writer later on, when my writing quality matures?A:As far as I know, yes. You do not automatically stay on any level, for good OR for bad, just because of your first 30 articles. You will continue to get rated.



So, Is iWriter Worth It? Can It Really Be True?

Well, that really would depend on a few things.

iwriter payment proof

Email from Paypal-iWriter payment proof


I certainly do not recommend this for American writers, especially if you already have writing experience. The pay rate is extremely low according to American standards, and there are many content mills that pay more and which  are open to US citizens.

If you’re doing it simply to gain writing experience and you’re not really concerned about the money, that’s another story. Keep in mind, though, that they treat their writers like **** and do not value them at all. At the beginning, you’ll also have to write at least 25 articles at sometimes less than half a cent per word.

As for international citizens, that also is another story, because many if not most content mills only hire US writers. The average earning rate varies from country to country, so iWriter may actually be worth it.

There’s not a lot of money to be made at iWriter. Even the Elite level is less than two cents per word.

If you want to earn money by blogging, you should really check this out.



  1. Alvin

    I’m new to iWriter and all of my articles have been rejected for no good reason. I’ve made a rant about it in my website. It’s definitely a scam and it’s easy to manipulate writers who are desperate to earn some cash online.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Alvin,

      I agree with you! It’s definitely designed to prey on desperate people who are in need of some quick money. They let people reject articles for no reason and then use them anyway.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jaylin

    I just signed up for iwriter a few days ago, though I haven’t actually written anything for them yet. That’s the weird thing, though, I took a look at a few assignments available to me, which just sort of twisted my stomach into a not. Why are the rejection rates so unbelievably high for standard assignments? I never got the impression that they were a scam per se, but looking back at them, maybe I should right on this site at all. After reading this, I’m pretty sure that I shouldn’t.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jaylin!

      Yes, the rejection rates are disturbingly high? Customers take advantage of the poor writers like crazy. Some have rejection rates of almost 100 percent! What many of these people are doing is rejecting the articles and then using them anyway, so they don’t have to pay for them. That happened to me back in the days when I used iWriter for some extra bucks.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Anastazja

    Once I retired, I was looking for online writing work simply because I enjoy writing. I did see the ad for this program, but never took the time to check it out. I have thought about going back to the bookmarked page a number of times. Your article was certainly enlightening. Although I would not be spending an money to write from this site, the rate is extremely low, particularly if an article involved research. I was also concerned that your article was published by someone despite the fact that it was rejected. There is so little control of material once it is on the internet. I do enjoy writing so having that fulfillment is the main reason I was looking for gigs online. I also want to make some money. My time is not free. Your article helped me. I hope others see it before spending too much time writing through this program and figuring things out the hard way.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Anastazja!

      No, you won’t be spending money, but time IS money, and you will be spending and wasting your time! If you are simply looking to write for the fulfillment and perhaps make some extra side money, I suggest you follow these four steps to building your own blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Andrea

    iWriter is one of the biggest scams around. Do not write for them! They will steal your work and it will appear online on their clients’ websites and blogs. They won’t pay you, they will tell you the article is rejected. Now you’ll have to do all the legwork of filing a DMCA notice with the website owner to have your material removed from the website or blog. IT IS YOUR WORK and YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT until you are paid for the work.
    Please do not fall for this scam.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Andrea,

      Such a thing has actually happened to me as well. An article was rejected, but I later googled it and found it on someone’s website, word-for-word. It’s very frustrating.

      Thanks for sharing,


  5. C. M. Albrecht

    iwriter may or may not be an out and out scam. I joined but got off to a rocky start with two rejections without explanation. Then I wrote a difficult brochure for a travel site offering honeymoon vacations in Sri Lanka. It had to be written in French and the research of the town, hotels, nightlife, beach, rentals and so on and on, took me some time, all for a little over six dollars.

    I’m not really complaining about the rate of pay. I don’t do this to get rich, and I enjoy the challenge of researching, for example, Sri Lanka and the possibilities for weddings and honeymoons there, etc. But almost immediately after that I was blocked from the the iwriter site and. after writing to iwriter, I was told that because of too many rejections they no longer wanted to use my services. I said, “Okay, just send me my $6+ and we’ll part friends.”

    iwriter wrote back that they’re “not set up” to issue payments of less than $20. Of course I can’t access the site to earn any more money, so I imagine my $6+ will go into the Christmas party fund or something.

    There is something seriously wrong with an operation that follows this sort of practice. I would expect that before blocking a person from the site, the administrators might discuss the matter with the writer and only then, if they can’t come to some sort of understanding, or rejections continue to pile up, other more drastic measures might be followed.

    I got off to a similar rocky start with another site, but quickly began to get the hang of the way things work there and on two sites I have an almost perfect daily record of acceptances sometimes accompanied with thank you notes and compliments.

    None pay very well, but on the other hand, for a housebound person like me, whose books lie half-buried in the sand at the bottom of the murky Amazon,it’s encouraging to make an extra $100 or more a month fooling around with the computer.
    As Mr. Gump would add: “That’s all I have to say about that.”

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for sharing, Mr. Albrecht.

      I feel your frustration. I suggest you look into some other alternatives, such as Textbroker or even better, Blogmutt.

  6. John

    Nice job! I have always wondered how someone would be able to get into writing like that and you have given me all of the information I was wondering about. Your website is easy to navigate.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jhon,

      How is it going? If you see this, why not give us an update on how your writing business is going?

  7. Gideon

    I’ve been thinking about using iwriter for my blog. Their pricing seems to be similar to that of fivers. However, with fiver people often raise their prices once you contact them as they claim that your work requires more research, who doesn’t like to hear that about their niche though. Gonna have a proper look at iwriter tongiht.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      iWriter prices are indeed set; they can only be raised by the requester.

      You may want to have a look at my iWriter review for buyers.

  8. shubham

    I think they are all frauds.Like you,a requester rejected my article with low rating,then posted the same on his website.I complained to iwriter but they did nothing,my article is still posted on that website and that requesters account is still active.Moreover,iwriter doesn’t replies to my mails on this issue anymore!
    Think twice before writing for such cheats,especially people outside U.S.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Oh, I am sorry to hear. It is extremely frustrating when that happens, as I know from my own experience. That frustration is amplified when you are working for pennies in the first place.

      Did iWriter pay you? If not, you can certainly file a complaint with the BBB. There already is a complaint there of that nature (though not from me!). Perhaps they will do something about it then.

      Also, never write for someone that has an approval rate of less than 90%. There may be few of them, but I don’t see another option. You can also sign up to other content mills such as Textbroker or Hirewriters, or even BlogMutt. Good luck to you!

  9. Michael

    Another “Con” to using iWriter, is that they keep the copyrights to all of the content they sell. I don’t use them anymore, because legally I don’t own the content. Plus the license they give you with the content you “buy” is non-transferable. That means I can’t sell the website (flip) with their content on it.

    Seriously, the link to their policy is here:

    Section 7 is where they bit me.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Wow, that’s really interesting, though it is from a buyers perspective. Why do I say that? Because they tell the same thing to their writers! Meaning their writers don’t have ANY rights to the content they write and sell. So I would think that at least their buyers get those rights. As it turns out, it’s iWriter themselves who does! A selfish company, in my humble opinion.

  10. Alblue

    This is the reason why I didn’t bother to continue my account there.

    I have heard iWriter before and decided to give it a try. When seeing the fast-track program, I just turn it off and look for normal-track.

    After done some searching, I can’t see any but request for Premium or Elite writers. How can I compete with high-level writers if almost every requester only accept premium or above writers?

    The time requirement is also ridiculous, considering some topics need research. Additionally, for someone like me who is not native in English, writing in English will take more time.

    I agree with you that some other places like Fiverr offer better opportunities for freelance writers.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah…it’s a major problem… there are very few standard jobs available, and they’re usually put forth by scammers who have low acceptance rates.

      The fast track program, in my opinion, is utterly ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!!! There are many content mills out there, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Other content mills require a sample article as part of the application process, which they use to rate you, but nobody charges for it. But iWriter can’t do that! Because if they immediately rate writers upon acceptance, then they won’t be able to advertise that they offer articles for dirt cheap! because they won’t have that “write 25+ articles for pennies” garbage.

      I think Brad Callen is a scam artist. And as I’ve mentioned, they haven’t deleted the account of someone who rejected my article and used it anyway. I didn’t get paid either, but why make a fuss over a measly $2? especially when you need $20 for cashout. They do pay on time, though.

  11. Stephanie

    Thank you for your review of iWriter. I have never heard of them before. I agree with you that why should we waste our talents and creative writing skills on writing content for other people and helping other people to become an online entrepreneur when we could go into business for ourselves and write high quality creative well-thought out content on our websites and help to make ourselves more stable in the online market?

    I used to work for a similar platform called UpWork (formerly Odesk) and it sounds similar to iWriter. I wrote creative articles and made very little money doing it and often times there were unscrupulous clients like the ones you wrote about in this review and they would rip you off.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      You’rse right, there’s no reason to work for others to become succesful when you can do it for yourself. But usually, people need money right away, and it takes time to build out a well-earning website.

      That’s why I recommend people have both short term AND long term plans: Short term, work with iWriter (or whatever else you work at.) Long term, join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to bild a succesful online business! Maybe an hour a day, a few hours a week, whatever time you have.

  12. Lynne

    This looks like an ok opportunity for some people. I just would not want to earn so little. I am actually looking for an online business opportunity, not a lets work for someone else online thing.
    Can you suggest anything that would be more suitable for me, more up my line?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      If you’re looking for a way to build a real online busineess opportunity with real potential, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate! It’s amazing!

  13. Diane

    Ben, What an intriguing article. I wasn’t aware of any such thing on the internet. Make sense though, some people have the talent to write and some don’t. Just like some people have the gift of gab and some don’t. Myself, I am a listener so I struggle if I have to talk first or write ideas from scratch.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      It was also hard for me at the beginning to just start writing about any randome topic (still is!), but I’m getting more and more used to it.That’s what I love about my own websites, I KNOW what I want to write about and I enjoy it too!


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