Is Opinion Outpost Legit Or A Scam? What Is Opinion Outpost Anyway?

Is Opinion Outpost legit or a total scam? What is “Opinion Outpost” anyway? Find out the TRUTH!



First, let me start off by saying that Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites I have found so far. But I still can’t recommend it. Why?

The reason to that is very simple. Although Opinion Outpost might be an excellent survey site, and I’ll tell you why I think so, on the other hand, it is, in the end, a survey site after all. Which means a few things.

One, you will not be able to make a lot of money taking surveys. It’s just impossible for any survey site to start paying even half of the minimum wage to surveyees, simply because so many people will flood their site. Besides, they can’t afford that.

Also, it means that you won’t qualify for every survey. That’s just the way it works. Companies are usually looking for certain criteria when doing research studies. Granted, some sites are better than others, but the common denominator between ALL survey sites is that you will get disqualified often.

Unfortunately, Opinion Outpost is not one of the rare survey sites which pay you 5-10 cents on each disqualification, which is indeed a con.

Now that we’ve covered that, and you know what to expect: basically, that you shouldn’t get your hopes high as the most you’ll make is some extra spending cash, let’s see why Opinion Outpost is indeed a good survey site.

What Is Opinion Outpost? How Does It Work?

Basically, you sign up for free, after which you can start taking surveys. Surveys will also be sent to your email, a few each day. You can also take surveys by logging in directly to their site.2015-09-25-13-09-39

Each day, you can take a certain number of surveys, after which you’ll have to wait until the next day.

The rewards for the surveys are governed by a point system. Surveys are usually either 5, 10, or 15 points. (Actually, some are 20, 25, or more, depending on the length. I once got a survey that took 45 minutes to an hour to do but paid me 35 points, or $3.50. True, below the minimum wage, but not bad for a survey site!)

Each point is the equivalent of 10 cents, so 5 points mean fifty cents; 10 points = a dollar.

Once you have reached 30 points, you can start cashing out. However, if you want something good, you will have to wait until you have 100 points, or $10.

For 30 points/$3, you can
  • Donate to Red Cross.
  • Enter 3 entries into a prize drawing.
  • Get a gift card at Alawar PC games.
For 50 points/$5 you can:
  • Get an amazon gift card
For 100 points/$10, you can:


  • Get an Itunes gift card.
  • Get $10 in your PayPal account.

If you have 105 points, you can redeem them for airline miles.


Opinion Outpost Customer Service:


Help Line: 877-254-1234

Some Pros

  • Although you won’t qualify for all surveys, it is easier to qualify than most survey sites.
  • The pay is not bad. Most survey sites don’t offer anything near $1.50 for a survey.
  • The payout is rather low, so you don’t feel that pressured to complete more and more surveys so you wouldn’t have worked in vain. In fact, if you’ve completed just two 15 point surveys, you can already cash out. And for cash to PayPal, you only need ten dollars.
  • They have a good reputation of paying out efficiently and on time. I personally have been paid well by them.
  • Get 5 Points for filling out your profile.


  • They only offer you 1 entry to a $10,000 drawing if disqualified, not any money, even a few cents. On the other hand, it’s very rare for a survey site to actually pay you if you get disqualified, and those that do are lacking in other areas.

A Few Words About Opinion Outpost

I just want to make clear that although Opinion Outpost is a fairly good survey site, you will not make a lot of money through them.

Yes, if you have some extra time with nothing much to do, sure, by all means, take surveys. Yes, you will be rewarded for your efforts. BUT, don’t have high expectations. Certainly don’t see this as a way to pay your bills (especially since there is a limited amount of surveys each day).

Also, be prepared. Know that you will not qualify for all surveys. Accept that. Try out a few surveys each day; if you qualify, great; if not, fine. Eventually, you will reach the $10 mark.

Payment Proof


Email From PayPal

Email From PayPal


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  1. Rosy

    Hi Ben!
    Thanks for the article! I have been looking for online surveys and participate, but I am always doubting because I am afraid it could be a scam. And if not I am not sure if it is really worth my time regarding the money you get back. You say you are getting paid well by them, did that take you a long time?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      I hope I didn’t say I got paid well! No, they just pay a little more than other survey companies, which is not saying much. You will make a few dollars an hour, tops. By the way, my account was eventually suspended because of “data concerns.”

  2. Chuka

    Hi Ben,

    I never thought I would see a day when I will read about legitimate online surveys. I had done just very few surveys in the past but those were by private invitation and was paid decent money for them. However, these days, it’s scam after scam. I am delighted to read that Opinion Outpost is not one of those.

    I particularly like the way you laid it out on the table in terms of the potential earnings (not much but income nonetheless), as well as helping your readers manage their expectations around qualifying or not qualifying.

    Balanced review!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, Opinion Outpost is legit. But then again, the most you will earn is a few dollars a day — and even that would be at a rate of around 2-3 dollars an hour.

      So I can’t say that it’s recommended.

  3. Courtney

    was not sure if you were promoting outpost or discouraging participation. However the review was very honest and might not attract many people. time is so important these days that the money might not worth the time. also it seems that it can be difficult to qualify which makes the money more unattractive.Is it one of your affiliate programs?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      I’m not trying to attract people to Opinion Outpost — I aim to do honest reviews that will help you and other readers decide whether or not a program is worth it for them. And no, I am not making any money off this review.

  4. Lynne

    I think Opinion Outpost should get 5 stars just for being the most legitimate online survey company there is 🙂 And I have tried a lot of them!
    My experience from Opinion Outpost was a breath of fresh air, they are clearly only doing one thing there and that is providing surveys to companies.
    Almost all the other survey companies are just plain time wasters.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      That’s very true. However, I still don’t think they deserve 5 stars! In my opinion, NOTHING deserves five stars, simply because nothing is perfect. It’s an imperfect world.

      Opinion Outpost has some problems too. Many times you won’ t qualify. Also, you get nothing if disqualified.

  5. Melody

    Survey sites are very interesting. I am sure there is a new one emerging all the time. While survey sites can add up to a little extra cash, I would never depend on them for an income. I would love to know how many surveys you would need to complete a day if you wanted to make a sustainable income.

    You have made very valid points here and I respect that you did not bash the website or taking surveys in any way. Clearly people are taking them or they simply wouldn’t exist. i encourage you to have a look at paid surveys at home. I actually paid for a membership to that one. (Bad idea)

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi, Melody.THE Rule in the world of online surveys:NEVER pay for membership, it most certainly is a scam. Companies should be paying YOU for your valued opinions. I’ve never actually heard of that particular site, but I’ll be sure to google it and check it out, though unfortunately I don’t have the money to spend on memberships.
      As for making an income taking a lot of surveys, theoretically, if you sign up to A LOT of GOOD survey sites you MIGHT be able to earn the bare minimum to survive, if you work many long hours. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it. It certainly will be way below the minimum wage here in the USA. You would be much better off setting up a long term online business.

  6. Anthony

    Not really a fan of survey websites, but this one doesn’t look to bad for making some extra money. Glad to hear about the paying out part because that’s one thing that these websites fail to do usually.

    Personally I think that if you want any sort of money the affiliate marketing is what you want just you said at the end there.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey, who IS a fan of survey websites? Many people do it not for what’s it really worth, namely good for making a some extra pocket cash, but because their desperate for money and dont have any other way to generate income (the economy is terrible-let’s see who the next president will be and what he’ll do about it), and as a result, get extremely frustrated when they get disqualfied etc. They just never considered setting up their OWN website and online business, which granted, will not solve their immediate short term bills to pay, but hey, what WILL (online)?
      Unfortunately, there just isn’t any real way to work online and start earning money right away, just as you cant open a store and expect to earn right away.
      And by the way, if youre opening a store or any other business, you need tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars investment, months or years of planing etc etc, whereas in an online business, all you need is a website, which costs close to nothing, and you could actually get free ones too

  7. George

    Hi Ben,

    I am new to this online survey scene. Thank you for this post, it really answers a lot of possible questions. I guess if you qualify, as you say, it can potentially add up to your income.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hmm… Yes, you could get a few extra dollars a week, but I’m not so sure about that actually adding up to my income. That’s a common mistake people make, which leads to plenty of frustration and heartache, in additional to their financial situation. Again, I suggest having a look at affiliate marketing


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