Is Paid For Research Legit? Paid For Research Review

is paid for research a scam reviewIs Paid For Research legit? Will you really get paid for doing research? Or is it just a sham? Find out by reading this Paid For Research review.

Paid For Research: It’s Just a Front

Paid For Research is just a front.

On their homepage, you will get a sales page about how you can make money by taking surveys.

But what is Paid For Research really? It’s just a front to get you to sign up to other survey sites — a total 35 of them. They make money from those companies by getting people to sign up for them.

Paid For Research: The Signup Process

After signing up, you will get your first “survey.” However, it’s not a survey at all. All it is, is a list of 34 questions, and each of them goes something like this: “Would you like to make money by taking surveys with this-and-this company?” If you click “Yes,” you will get sent a welcome email from that company (to the email address you used when signing up to Paid For Research).

There are 34 companies in total, including some I have already reviewed here on CanItReallyBeTrue, such as Inbox Dollars and MySurvey.

After finishing those 34 “questions,” you will be redirected to a final survey company, Nielsen Digital Voice.

If you go to the Paid For Research homepage, you will notice that there is no way to sign in. This is because you can’t really create an acccount, because all it is, is a way to get you to sign up to other companies.

So, Is Paid For Research Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Well, it’s not like they are a scam. They are not taking your money or anything. However, it is a little misleading.

If you are looking to sign up for 35 survey companies at once, then this is not a bad way to do it. If not, it is a waste of time.

I personally do not recommend taking surveys as a way to make money online. There are much better ways to do that.


  1. marcella

    hi i’m new to computers (with new broken arm n surgery) and want to make $ on surveys, so i spent 3 wks do them and should have $800. now in mail, but to no avail…why do this? just to give my info. away? distressed, need $ 4 new break…

  2. Guy Siverson

    When sigining up for stuff like this how do you get the offers. I hear of people complaining of sales pitches that they do not want, but how do they get the sales pitches to begin with? Any suggestions on that front. Thank you for your help and the review!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Guy,

      When you sign up to Paid For Research, you will be presented with pages of sales pitches. You will also be receiving many sales pitches via email. It’s just annoying and frustrating. Hope this helps.

      All the best,


      1. Samantha downs Downs

        I feel that your company is a rip off and even if it’s just a dollar, it’s a dollar someone worked hard to get. Some of you guys have no conscience taking from others.

        1. Ben (Post author)

          Hey Samantha,

          Not sure what exactly you are referring to. If you’re referring to a dollar that you made with online surveys and never got paid, I sympathize with you. Unfortunately, it happens all the time in the online survey world.

          If it’s a product I promote (I only promote legit products), then you can’t say it’s a rip off before buying it. And it’s called the free market – you want something, you buy it. You want a coke, you pay a buck. You want fries from McDonald, you buy it. You want to start a business or a store, you invest. You want to make money online, you make an investment. Nothing in the world is free. If you can’t invest a dollar into your online business, I guarantee you that will never make money online. A website costs money. An email list costs money. You have to invest something in order to succeed. Most things cost much more than a dollar – being able to try something out for just a buck is a pretty good deal. No ripoff here.

  3. barbara vercoe

    Very informative. I got involved in these and ended up with multiple sales calls for products I had no interest in purchasing.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Barbara,

      Yes, it’s a problem with these types of stuff. I have a separate email account for these stuff so that I don’t have to deal with spam sales pitches all the time.

      All the best,



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