Is Project Payday A Scam Or Not?-My Journey With Project Payday

So… is Project Payday a scam or not? Well, let me tell you what happened to me.

I saw some website recommending Projectcash_icon Payday, and, well, it looked pretty good.

So I go to their website, and they tell me it’s absolutely free to join, and they guarantee me that if I don’t make $50 in the first two hours, then they will pay me $100.

How it works? They don’t tell me- “there are 65 pages of training, we can’t tell you here. But you should know, that companies like Netflix actually pay you $10 just for signing up to their free trial which you can cancel later if you wish, (gosh, I hope this is honest income!) and you will only have to do this a few times, afterwards, you will earn money without signing up to ANYTHING.”

Okay, well, what have I got to lose, it is free after all, no personal info required, so I sign up, using my extra “spammy” email address, which I use when trying out all these tricky, slimy programs.( It’s currently overflowing with survey opportunities, around 150 of them.)

Well, now that I already signed up, I have to activate my “free” account.

How? Oh of course, no need to pay the 34 something dollars that it costs, just sign up with one of their “sponsors “!


Well, I’m not paying for anything until I know what this program is all about, so I look around at their “sponsors,” and I find one or two that have a free trial. Abd though obviously if I don’t stay for at least one payed month, I lose all my privileges, but hey, if this works and I make money, sure, I’ll pay ten bucks for one month. If not, I quit, no? What have I got to lose, right?

So I sign up, and hey my account is still not activated.

Oh, you’ve gotta wait 15 minutes. Okay. Fine.

Nothing happens a half hour later? Strange. I sign up for another and then another “sponsor “. (Gee, I’m running out of free-trial sponsors.)

Well, nothing happened.

RED LIGHT #2. Although this might just be a technical issue, I don’t know. They aren’t being open and honest with me- I still don’t know how this is supposed to work.

Well, I go to their support, submit a ticket :”I signed up for THREE sponsors and nothing happened. This is RIDICULOUS.”

Ahh, they’ll send me an email? As soon as possible? From their “support team?” OK. Sounds good.

Well, I get no answer. They still haven’t answered me.

RED LIGHT #3: No normal support? Something is wrong.

All I get in my mailbox (the spammy one) is repeated automated emails telling me why I should activate my account immediately.

So, that’s my journey with Project Payday.

Does it work? Can you make money? Is it ethical?

I can’t really tell you. What I could tell you is this:

I definitely DO NOT recommend Project dont_walk_light_redPayday.


It has signs of a SCAM.

Well, that’s it for now. Maybe at a later date I’ll go back, try it again and tell you what I’ve seen.

Did YOU try out Project Payday? What were YOUR experiences? Do you have any comments on this article?Kindly leave them below!

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After doing a little research, it seams that the “method 1” that they tell you about will indeed get you your first fifty bucks in two hours, “method 2”, not so.

Here’s how it works: As I mentioned above, it’s about signing up to companies that will actually pay you ten dollars or so just for you to sign up for their membership trial, hoping you’ll like it and stay on while paying them.

So, what’s the problem, you ask? Nobody’s losing out!

Well, not really. The companies are losing out. Would YOU be pleased if someone is taking advantage of your trial offer, making a business out of sending people who probably %90 will cancel, since they don’t have any money?(If they had money, they wouldn’t be so desperate to join Project Payday.) I certainly wouldn’t. In fact, I would see if I can sue.

Maybe they did sue. I really don’t know. Perhaps they do have some sort of agreement. Probably not.

Anyway, that’s it for “Method 1”. What about when they tell you that you’ll only have to sign up for a few trials, and afterwards you don’t have to sign up for ANYTHING, and you’ll still be making money?

Well, that’s their “Method 2.”

Which entails snaring others to hop on the unethical bandwagon. You’ll get $1.50 for each lead. Will you make a lot of money? Perhaps, if you have a well-written popular website which comes up among the first search results when people type in “Project Payday review/scam/info etc.” into Google. But if you’re a newbie in internet business, chances are that you won’t make much. Just watch all those desperate people on YouTube telling you how great and wonderful Project Payday is.

In order to make say, a bare amount of $45 a day, you’ll have to get another thirty people each day to join PP.

I really don’t recommend Project Payday. I think it’s immoral and unethical. In fact, I will not even provide you with a link to their website.

You can do much better, purely ethical things to earn money online. You can actually have your own website and be your own boss, instead of working for someone else’s idea of an online business. Check out my #1 rated program.

If you have any questions or comments about Project Payday or anything else, please leave them below.

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