Is Survey Club Legitimate? Maybe, But It’s Still Not Worth Your Time

Is Survey Club legitimate? What is Survey Club anyway? Is it worth joining?

Survey Club Research — An Overview

The basic idea behind Survey Club is that you take online surveys in return for money. It is free to join. However, don’t let the “club” part fool you — Survey Club Research is not much more than a site that leads you to other survey sites.

Many of the available surveys at Survey Club are really just opportunities to join other survey sites. For example, see this list of “available surveys” — all it really is is a list of other online survey websites.

survey club scam


Now, Survey Club does have some real surveys, but are they worth the time? Look at this one:

survey club scam

75 cents for half an hour? Give me a break. At $1.50 an hour, you might as well take some time off and do whatever favorite things you love doing in your free time.

Is Survey Club Legit?

It may be. It is free to join, though you need at least $20 to earn a payout. The problem is that it seems like some people have not received their payment. At the time of this writing, the company has a C+ rating with the BBB, because at least two people have filed complaints about not receiving payment. That makes them suspicious, and I certainly would not waste my time there.

So, Is Survey Club a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

I do not know if they are a scam. If they pay people, they are legit. If not, they are a scam. But in any case, it isn’t worth finding out. The amount you will earn is so not worth the time. Besides, some people have reported not being paid, as mentioned above from the BBB. As such, I do not recommend Survey Club.

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  1. Anonymous

    Surveyclub pay 96500$

  2. Lynne

    Yes I have found the same thing, that surveys might not exactly be a scam but really who works for $1.50 an hour?

    I won’t that’s for sure. I’ve tried loads of survey sites and in general I have found most of them lacking. I have found a little bit of success with Clixsense but that is through people signing up as an affiliate under me.

    The earnings are really low, but hey I am not doing anything anymore, the people that signed up under me are so it is a small income stream that is passive income… nothing wrong with that.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, if they decide that it’s worth their time, good for them.

      On the other hand, it’s always better to reach for the stars — if you can concentrate on promoting another product that earns you dozens of bucks per commission, it’s always better to do that. Just a thought.

      All the best and good luck,


  3. Alex

    Hi Ben. Thanks for the survey club review. I always wonder if it is ideal to make money through survey sites like Survey Club. I tried a few of them in the past and I found they don’t allow you to earn a sustainable income and the rewards are often very low and not proportionate to the amount of time and effort that you need to pay. $20 may look a little low, but it is very high in the world of survey panels. I probably need to spend 50 – 70 hours per month to earn that $20? Well, since it is rated C+ in BBB. I will probably skip this!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, Alex, online surveys often pay very little, and since they often have minimum payouts of $20 or so, it takes a really long time to earn a payout. You are much better off building your own business.

  4. Dr. Baker

    Awesome review!

    I, too, have joined a survey club before! MISTAKE! I would be in one survey and in the middle of that survey more and more survey’s would pop up! I was never able to finish even one because I would then get confused which was the original survey that I was trying to complete! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

    Great article and I definitely am one that avoids surveys now!!!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thanks for letting us know about your first-hand experience. It helps all of us know to stay away from this company.


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