Is Swagbucks A Scam? Is It Safe?

Is Swagbucks a scam? Should I be using Swagbucks? Why? Why is swagbucks a scamnot? Can I really earn money through Swagbucks? And if yes, how?

What It Is

Swagbucks is basically an online company where you can earn some extra money (called SwagBucks; 1 SwagBuck = 1 cent) by taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web and more.

How It Works

There are several ways to earn money through Swagbucks:is swagbucks a scam

  1. Watch videos. You can earn a few cents by watching videos.
  2. Search the web. Really. Using the SwagBucks search engine will earn you a few cents a day.
  3. Answer surveys. There are many types of surveys available.
  4. Playing games. Get compensated a few cents for spending money on games.
  5. Buying things through swagbucks on places such as Amazon; you can actually earn up to $10-$15 or more, depending on the price of your purchase.

Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards on Amazon etc. You can also transfer it directly to your PayPal account once you’ve reached 25 dollars.


Who Is It For?

Swagbucks’ Answer: For anyone who is using the web anyway and wants to earn some side money in the process.

My Answer: For anyone wishing to waste A LOT of time in order to make a few cents rather than do something else online which requires more work, but is actually profitable. If you read on, you’ll see that little money can actually be made here.

How Much Can I Earn & How Long Does It Take?

It will be hard to earn even just a few bucks per hour. Here’s why:

You will NOT qualify for every survey. In fact, I was disqualified, not just from most surveys, but from ALMOST EVERY survey. Obviously, everyone will be different, depending on their lifestyle and product consumption. But it’s not just me.

I’ve seen other people complaining about how utterly FRUSTRATING it is just to find a suitable survey. (This is true with basically all survey companies.)

Many times you will start a survey only to get disqualified from it after they determine that you are not a good fit. You earn one cent per disqualification, up to $0.05 a day. That’s pretty lousy.

BesidesMany times the listings aren’t accurate. Once you get redirected to the survey, if you take your time and look again, you might very well find that the time it takes to finish it is much more, and the reward, much less.

The only good thing might be that if you have to buy a certain product anyway and it’s also listed there on Swagbucks, you’re basically getting a discount. But that’s obviously not for someone looking to actually make money using Swagbucks.

You can also install their search engine as your primary engine, and you’ll make a few cents per day on the side.

Pros And Cons

  1. Pro: You can earn some extra cash for searching the web.
  2. Pro: Earn some money (get some money back) playing games, buying stuff, etc.
  3. Pro: Earn some money in your free time answering surveys.(Not really. See above.)
  • Con: Not a realistic money-making opportunity.
  • Con: Extremely hard to qualify for surveys. (In my experience.)

Some FAQs

  • Q: Do they really pay you? We know it’s quite difficult to get your money with some survey sites.
  • Answer: It seems like they do indeed pay. According to Wikipedia, they have already paid out around 93 million dollars to members.
  • Q: Is it safe? What about all that personal info I’m giving?
  • Answer: As with all legitimate survey sites, your personal info is kept separate from your name.
  • Q: How do they pay you?
  • Answer: Once you’ve reached a certain amount (I think it’s $25) you can redeem it for gift cards or transfer it to PayPal.

So, Is SwagBucks Legit? Can It Really Be True?

It’s legitimate.

However, I don’t really recommend Swagbucks.

I feel that by skipping it entirely you’ll save yourself from plenty of frustration and heartache.

I believe you can earn much more in your free time.

For example, you can become a writer. Or you can set up your own website and earn commissions by promoting products. (Find out more.)

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, maybe I’ll even add your questions to the FAQs.

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  1. Derek Marshall

    HI there,

    Great in depth review. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have heard and read a lot about this opportunity and I don’t thing the legitimacy of the opportunity is at all in question, question is it worth the amount of time spent/lost to make only few pennies – my conclusion is no! Most certainly not going to build up a substantial second income.

    Do you know of better opportunities?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Derek!

      Yes, SwagBucks is definitely legit, and it definitely is a waste of time, in my personal opinion! Sure, you can make some money, but why waste your time on it when the rates are so low? Though you can save some money on shopping.

      If you are looking for real ways to make money online, I recommend you check these top 5 programs.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Michel

    I love the way you write that people who want to waste a lot of time must join up with Swagbucks. I had a good laugh, but jokes aside, it is really a lot of time for little money. Here in South Africa, you probably wouldn’t even cover your data costs, let alone make money doing this.

    I am sure there are far better ways to make a living using the internet, one just has to be prepared to work at it and also work on the right things.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Michel!

      Swagbucks is definitely legit. The only question is, “Is it worth your time?”. In my opinion, the answer would be no. Like you say, it may not even cover your the cost of data it takes to use it (play games and watch videos) if you do not have an unlimited data plan. Instead, you should focus on solid ways of making money online, some of which you can find on my recommended list.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jagi

    At one time I looked into doing a survey for swagbucks, but sadly I didn’t make the cut. Now that I know through your review it is legit, the earning potential doesn’t seem like much though.

    However it doesn’t seem like something I would do again. But on the other your comments here show there other such programs which maybe easier.

    Great review.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jagi,

      I do hope you find the programs in “The Good” section of my website useful, though not all of them are for everyone.

      All the best.

  4. Julius

    Thanks for an awesome and detailed review. I see that Swagbucks is super popular these days. It’s a pretty neat source to spend your time in and earn some revenue.

    I’m pretty sure that it’s exclusive to U.S residents only. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong though. I would really want to try it out.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      It’s also available in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, and Ireland.

  5. Tai Chi Charley

    Thank you for the in depth review. You have saved me and countless others valuable time. We can now look elsewhere or better yet follow your suggestion for building our own websites and make money by promoting products.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂 😉 :})

  6. Lynne

    Thanks for the Swagbucks review. I agree with you on this one. I believe it is legit, but what is the Swagbucks earning potential even if you put a load of effort into it? Not much at all!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Not much at all is correct! Perhaps you may just want to use their search engine, which allows you to earn a few cents up to four times a day, randomly. You can actually make it your default search engine on your computer. This is something you don’t get with Google, and eventually you will be able to cash out.

      By the way, you can do the same thing with Bing and Bing Rewards, which lets you earn points for searching with Bing! No cash, though, but you can get a $5 Amazon gift card every now and then. It’s owned by Microsoft, just search Bing while logged in to your Microsoft account. Also random, I believe.


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