Is There A Real Way To Make Money Online?

Is there a real way to make money online? So many people have this exact question. There are just so many scams out there that most money-23people may think that there actually aren’t any ways to make real money online and that it’s all a myth.

Well, the best answer to that is…It’s true.

There is no way to make any quick “real” money online. And by real, I mean not just a few dollars filling out survey forms, but actually earning a real income, either as your primary income or as a supplementary income.

Don’t let your face fall! I only said that there is no way to make any real and quick income.

But sure, you can make real money online, just it won’t be “quick cash”. It’ll take plenty of hard work and determination, as well as time and effort.

Because success does not come overnight.

You can also make quick cash, but it’ll be small money for a lot of time, which is not “real.”

Here I will go through just some ways available to make money online.

A Website

Yes, you can go into MLM marketing. Yes, you can become a writer and write for other people’s websites. But if you have your own website, the opportunities are endless.

You are not only your own boss, but you can set up as many websites as you want, as a website is always on the internet, whether you’re working on that website or a different one at the time.

There are many, many ways you can monetize a website. Here are the three main ways:

  1. Affiliate Marketing. This requires you to buy absolutely nothing because you are simply promoting other people’s products and earning a commission for it. Learn more about affiliate marketing here.
  2. Ads. The most popular advertisements program is Google Adsense, where you get a small amount each time someone clicks on an ad you put on your site. There are many other ad programs out there, and if you have a popular website, you can even sell spaces on your site for advertisements.
  3. Your Own Services. Of course, if you have your own product that you can sell, you can certainly sell it online. You may even have a much broader reach than a small mom & pop shop in Anytown, USA.

However, all this takes time. Why? Because in order to make money, you need visitors. How do you get visitors? By building up your site. It takes time until you have a well-written site with plenty of visitors.

Writing On Content Mills

You can become a writer, a freelancer. The advantage of this is that you’ll get paid right away — for each article you write.

The downside is that many freelance sites, which pair up freelancers with customers, often offer very low pay, simply because on the web, there are a lot of writers.

However, if you write good articles and find a good place, you can earn nice money writing as a freelancer.

Don’t get turned off by the term freelancer, or writer. There’s nothing to it. Anyone can write good articles, and your skills will also develop over time.

Another drawback to this is that you have no potential for an upgrade. In a way, it’s similar to working for a boss. You can work your whole life as a writer, earning $8 an article, and nothing will change.

However, if you have a website then your website can get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER yet. The bigger it is, the more money you can make, as you’ll have more visitors.

Also, it feels quite demeaning, working for low wages to build up SOMEONE ELSE’S website, and letting THEM reap the rewards, when you can do the same thing yourself.

A good compromise is to work most of your time writing for others, and part time on your own website. This way, eventually, you’ll hopefully start earning enough money from your website so that you won’t be compelled anymore to work for others.

One content mill is iWriter, though there are many others.

Testing Websites

This may actually be a real way to make real & quick money online! What you’re basically doing is visiting websites and apps and recording your experience, which is a necessity for many website owners.

You can earn $10 for a twenty minute session. The problem is that there isn’t enough work available to do this as a full or even part time job. But it is a nice amount for your time.

You’ll nead a computer to start, though you can continue afterwards on a phone by testing apps. You’ll need a microphone, too, to record your reactions.

The only place I know that does this is



  1. Owain

    I have recently cared a website. I have started to fill this site with posts, quality ones I hope. I have chosen a niche that I am passionate about and I try to write posts from the heart. I feel that this will help relate to people and that they will trust me.

    With this approach I hope to sell products through affiliate marketing. I realise that this is hard work but the payoff will be great when it works. This for me is the best way to make money online. Although as I have said it is hard work.

  2. Benjamin

    While you offer several ideas to make money while working online, you seem very guided towards affiliate marketing. There’s several more options, but how much time do you put into your work? How quick does it pay off?

    I created my own company that provides digital marketing services online. While I spend quite a bit of time studying and learning, the turnaround has been quicker than with affiliate marketing.

    Just a thought, but keep adding to your site! There’s a lot of opportunities out there.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes of course, if you can open your own business that offers your own services, then you’ll likely make a lot more than affiliate marketing, where you only earn a commission on other people’s products.But many people don’t have the resources to start their own services, and the next best thing that I know about is affiliate marketing, as all you’ll need for that is a website and content on that website.It’s also less of a pressure, and can be done as a part time project,which is good for many people who can’t afford to quit their current job tostart something new. But yes, it does take time and effort. So does offering your own services:)


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