Is TopCashBack Legit? Or Will TopCashBack Scam You?

topcashback scamIs TopCashBack legit? Can you really earn money back from your purchases? Or will TopCashBack scam you into buying unnecessary products?

(Legal Disclaimer: If you join a program through this site, I may earn a commission. This does not affect you at all.)

What TopCashBack Is

TopCashBack is a site that offers you cash back on your purchases.

This is how it works: You go to, and you browse through the various items and stores. Then, you go to a store and make a purchase. You will earn a percent of your purchase back into your TopCashBack account.

Here’s an example: You go to TopCashBack, and you see that you can get 10 percent cash back from Amazon purchases. You click the link to, and you make a purchase for $100. Ten percent of $100 is $10, so you will get $10 deposited into your TopCashBack account. You can then cash out this $10 to Paypal or a gift card.

How Can TopCashBack Afford This?

How can TopCashBack pay you money for purchases through their site? The answer is simple: Companies are paying TopCashBack money in order to send people like you to their site. These companies are paying TopCashBack to send them customers.

TopCashBack then takes part of that money and offers it to you in exchange for your purchases. It’s a win-win situation — the companies get new customers, TopCashBack gets money for it, and you get a discount on your purchases.

TopCashBack Pros

  • Very easy to find companies, products, ais topcashback legitnd interests
  • Cashback rates similar to other sites — 5-10 percent is the norm
  • This means that you can get discounts of 10 percent off your purchases
  • You can cash out to Paypal whenever you choose to do so
  • There is no minimum necessary to cash out
  • If you sign up here, you will earn a bonus $10 when you cash out your first $10 (some companies excluded)

TopCashBack Cons

  • Cash backs take longer to be credited to your account vs other companies — it can take a week or more for a purchase to be credited
  • The system is not perfect — some people report that their purchases were never credited to them
  • Others have complained of running into issues with receiving their payments or not receiving them at all

So, Is TopCashBack Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Yes, TopCashBack is legit. It has some pros that other cashback sites don’t have, such as the ability to cash out whenever you want with no minimum balance required. However, as mentioned, some people have run into issues with getting their purchases credited to them and/or getting paid.

I still recommend TopCashBack. If you are going to make a purchase anyway, you might as well make it through their site, because there’s a good chance of getting a discount. If other cashback sites don’t have a store listed on them and TopCashBack does, then it certainly is worth it — remember, there is no minimum needed to cash out.

Sign Up Now and Get an Extra $10 Bonus When You Cash Out Your First $10!

(Some stores excluded from bonus offer.)




  1. Jerome

    Hi Ben,
    Excellent review on Top Cash. I can see that by the information you provided it is legitimate and not a scam. Cash flow back you way may be slow but it still income you are generating. It’s a concept that I see many companies implementing.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jerome,

      You are right. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. If I can save money on a purchase, I have to work a little less to buy other stuff that I need. I also see cash back simply as a way to save money on shopping.

      All the best,


  2. Daphne

    I find your article very interesting. I was shopping on a website like that one back in the days and really enjoy it but was looking for a better alternative. I think TopCashBack worth the try. Thanks for the infos 🙂

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Daphne!

      Yes, it is worth a try. There are better cashback sites out there, but if you need to purchase something anyway and it is not listed on another cash back site, you may as well purchase it through TopCashBack. The reason this is so is because there is no minimum to cash out.

      All the best,



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