Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam? A Review

Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam? Can you really make money at home with this thing? Read this Ultimate Home Profits review to find out.

is ultimate home profits a scamUltimate Home Profits — Shady Business

There’s something wrong with Ultimate Home Profits. Just a few days ago, the site looked different than it looks today. It seems like the site is constantly changing, and that it keeps on leading you to different products to purchase.

The alarming thing, to me, was that when I entered my email and tried to gain access to the sales page a few days ago, the page was flagged as having an invalid SSL certificate. Google Chrome would not allow me to access the page, and neither would Firefox.

Today, though, Ultimate Home Profits looks quite different, so let’s concentrate on the present.

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Ultimate Home Profits — Just a Front for My Millionaire Mentor

When you go to Ultimate Home Profit’s main page, all you’ll see is a sales pitch about how you will be able to earn a full-time income by working only an hour a day.

However, you when you click on the get started button, you will be taken to My Millionaire Mentor, which guarantees you $500 simply by watching their video. The video is full of pictures of luxury resorts, luxury cars, stacks of dollar bills, and actors who claim to be making thousands of dollar by doing nothing. You will then be taken to a sales page and be asked to pay $97 for a “100 Percent Made For You System.” He promises that if you don’t like what he offers, he’ll pay you $500. Yeah, right, like that’s ever going to happen.

What Is This All About?

is ultimate home profits a scamI don’t really know. However, it definitely just smells likes a regular internet scam, where you are promised that you will be able to make lots of money by doing nothing, all for a “small” price that usually ends in the number 7, like $97.

Another sign that My Millionaire Mentor is not very legit is that there are always just 50 spots available, with 43 already taken. It’s always that way, and it never changes. It’s just a scheme to push you to buy as soon as possible, and make you think that lots of people have already signed up.

On Ultimate Home Profits’ main page, there is a small Youtube video, which just mentions social media marketing, email marketing, and penny auctions as a way of making money online easily. It claims that you can make money easily just by being active on social media. Well, it’s not that simple. Penny auctions are not a recommended way to make money online, for various reasons.

So, is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

I certainly don’t recommend it. It’s not transparent enough, and it looks like a scheme to get your money. Outrageous claims of making money online by doing nothing and fake “payment proofs” are a sure sign to stay away. There is no reason to pay so much money for training on how to make money online; so much information is available online for free or very cheap. So many people know how to make money online without buying ridiculous programs.

There are much better ways to make money online. If you want to learn about some of them, read this list.

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  1. Brent

    thank you very much for that review. I love WA for that aspect alone. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Brent,

      Glad to hear that you are a member of WA (Wealthy Affiliate), one of my recommended programs, and that you like it 🙂

      All the best


  2. Carl

    I think you are correct. If there is no real product it is usualy a scam. A lot of free stuff is online.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Carl,

      Yeah, there is so much free information on the internet, there is no reason to pay so much. The only reason would be to get something laid out in a clear step-by-step manner, walking you through how to make money online. But even so, you can get it for much cheaper.

      All the best,


  3. Jacob Schilling

    This site seems like such an overdevoloped scam that its humerous. Its almost like its a parody of a scam site because there is absolutely no intelligence put into it to make it legit or convincing it all.

    I know this comedian named Eric Andre, he made this video of him on this dating site called tinder, and on his matches he would say “Hey, you seem chill, whats your credit card number”. That joke is almost like this website. Anyways thanks for the thorough, and although I’m sure my friends are intelligent enough to avoid a program like this, I’ll be sure to refer this article to them if they in fact do fall into this trap!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jacob,

      Yeah, it’s just a front for another site. The owner probably makes money from affiliate commissions.

      All the best,



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