Keyword Keg/Keywords Everywhere Review – I Love It!

keyword keg reviewIf you’re like me, you want a quick and easy way to do keyword research. It’s highly annoying and a waste of time to keep running back to a keyword tool, plugging in keyword after keyword, and checking the monthly search volumes! Well, I’ve got a solution, and I’m going to share it with you in this Keyword Keg – Keywords Everywhere review.

Keyword Keg/Keywords Everywhere, The Short Review

Keyword Keg is a keyword tool that will give you free search volume and PPC competition data for your keyword research. They also have a browser extension, called Keywords Everywhere, that will give you this data straight from

Use Keyword Keg for Free Keyword Research

Keyword Keg is a pretty new keyword tool that you can use for free. It does have paid membership options, but it does let you research your keywords for free, even without signing up.

The free searches will be more limited in that they will give you fewer keyword suggestions based on your original keyword. However, it works perfectly fine if all you want to do is research a particular keyword.

To get started, just plug your keyword into the tool, and you’ll get data such as the monthly search volume, the Adwords competition level, and the average cost per click. These are the most important metrics you’ll want.

You’ll also get additional data, such as the search trend for that keyword over the last 12 months. You’ll even be shown data such as whether videos or rich content come up in the search results (this data is indicated by the icons that will appear under the keywords; follow the arrow in the screenshot above to see them).

Now, by itself, this isn’t so special. After all, you won’t even get an SEO competition score, which is important if you want to target a keyword for organic search rankings. However, what makes Keyword Keg so amazing is their free browser extension, called Keywords Everywhere.

How I Use Keywords Everywhere to Do Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere makes keyword research as easy as you’ve ever seen it. Just plug any keyword into Google, and the extension will show you the monthly search volume, the PPC competition score, and the average cost per click right under your search bar. Pretty cool, no?

keywords everywhere review

Not only that, but if you scroll down to the suggested search terms that Google gives you, you’ll find the monthly search volume and competition for each of those keywords, without having to click anything.

keyword keg keywords everywhere review

It sure saves you a lot of time on your keyword research.

How to Discover the SEO Competition

There’s still one thing left: Yes, you get the PPC competition, but how do you find out the SEO competition?

The PPC competition is how many people are competing for the keyword in Google Adwords, not how many websites are competing for that keyword in the organic search results!

To discover the SEO competition, just do this trick: Enter your keyword into Google, but with quotes, like this: “keyword”. Then, go to the last page of the Google results and scroll to the bottom of the page. There, Google will give you a number of exact results, which is the number of websites competing for that exact keyword. I wrote more about this trick in this blog post.

  • Keyword Keg & Keywords Everywhere


I think Keywords Everywhere is a great tool that every affiliate marketer should use. It’s free and will save you a lot of time on your keyword research.

So, Is Keyword Keg Any Good? Can It Really Be True?

I love Keyword Keg and Keywords Everywhere! This is a great tool that allows me to do keyword research straight from my browser, straight from I use it to find the monthly search volumes, and then I just add quotes to find the SEO competition. And all this at no cost to me!

I highly recommend that you try out Keywords Everywhere. It’s available for both Chrome and Firefox, and doesn’t cost a thing. I also suggest that you check out my Long Tail Pro review and my Traffic Travis review, two more of my favorite keyword tools.

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