Long Tail Pro Review – Discover High-Performing Keywords to Give Your Rankings a Boost

long tail pro platinum reviewWe all know that keyword research is important in order get good Google rankings and visitors. But which tools should you use to do your research? This Long Tail Pro review explores one tool that you will surely find useful.

Long Tail Pro Platinum — Short Review

Long Tail Pro will help you do your keyword research, both for PPC and for organic SEO rankings. First of all, you’ll find out the monthly search volume of any keyword, and you’ll get keyword suggestions based on your original keyword.

For PPC, you’ll discover the competition and the average CPC, and for SEO, you’ll find out how hard it will be to rank for that keyword on the first page of the search results, and whether your site is authoritative enough to rank for it. You’ll also be able to track your rankings for keywords you are already targeting. Now for the more in-depth review.

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long tail pro reviewHow to Do Keyword Research With Long Tail Pro

To start doing your keyword research, just enter one or more keywords into the box in your Long Tail Pro account. You can get the results for just those keywords, or you can choose to also get keyword suggestions based on your original keyword.

The first thing that you’ll find out is how many monthly searches your keyword gets. This is important, because you don’t want to target a keyword that nobody uses.

For PPC: You’ll find out whether the competition in Adwords for that keyword is high or low, and what the average bid for that keyword is.

For SEO: You’ll be told, on a scale of 1 to 100, how hard it will be to rank on the first page of for that keyword. Long Tail Pro calls this the KC, or keyword competitiveness. This is based not just on the number of competing websites, but on the quality of the competing websites, including their size, age, authority, and backlinks. The lower the score is, the easier it will be to rank. You can see the monthly search volumes and the KC in the screenshot above.

You’ll also be given an estimated value for a top ranking in the organic search results. This is based on what people are paying for Adwords rankings for that keyword, but you can customize it based on your own estimations of the revenue you will earn

You can also set filters for your keyword research so that only keywords with a certain score, competition, bid, etc show up.

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Long Tail Pro Site Analysis

Long Tail Pro will also analyze your site to see how authoritative it is, how many backlinks it has, and what the quality of those backlinks is. It will then give you a score of 1 to 100. This is directly tied to the score that you get when doing keyword research — for example, if you have a score of 25, you should only target keywords that have an SEO competition score of 25 or lower. What you can do next is create a filter when doing keyword research so that only keywords with a score of 25 or lower will show up.

Why Is the SEO Score Important?

Some of you may be wondering why the SEO score is important. Why not just look at the number of competing websites?
The truth is that the number of competing websites is not necessarily important. Let’s say there are 100 competing websites for any given keyword, but they’re all low-quality Blogspot blogs that have only a few posts each. Will you rank easily on the first page and even the first spot of Google? Of course!

But what if there are only 10 competing websites, but they are all high-quality websites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Forbes, Yahoo News, CNN, the New York Times, the Huffington Post… you get the picture. Will you rank on the first page? Probably not.
So it’s not enough to know the number of competing websites. You also need to know the quality of the competing websites, and that is where Long Tail Pro’s score comes into the picture. They’ll also tell you whether your site is good enough for such a keyword, as mentioned earlier.

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Long Tail Pro Keyword Rank Trackings

You can also track your rankings for keywords that you are already targeting. Just enter your domain and the keyword, and you’ll be told what your Google rank is for that keyword. You can also choose to track your rankings for another search engine or language. Your rankings will be constantly tracked and updated.

long tail pro keyword research tool review

Long Tail Pro Training

Long Tail Pro gives you access to their Bootcamp training, which is a series of 14 videos that teach you in-depth keyword research strategies. If you purchase a yearly plan, you also get access to Long Tail Pro University, which contains an additional 15 advanced videos, as well as webinar replays and cheat sheets.

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Long Tail Pro is one of my favorite keyword tools. It lets me figure out which keywords are worth targeting, and which would be a waste of time. I highly recommend that you sign up for their 7-day trial to check it out.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

Long Tail Pro has a number of monthly and yearly plans.

  • Starter Plan: $37/month — 10,000 keyword searches a month
  • Pro Plan: $67/month — 25,000 keyword searches a month
  • Agency Plan: $147/month — 60,000 keyword searches a month
  • Yearly plans: Save 33 percent off the regular plans + Get access to Long Tail Pro University
  • 7 Day Trial

The search limit does not include suggestions that the tool gives you, only keywords that you manually enter into the search box.

As you can imagine, the starter plan will suit most internet marketers. I don’t know why you’ll need to search more than 10,000 keywords a month, unless if you have a huge website or you’re an agency that offers SEO services or something.

So, Is Long Tail Pro Worth It? Can It Really Be True?

Long Tail Pro is actually one of my favorite keyword tools. It’s simple and easy to use and gives me all the data I need to do effective keyword research. The monthly price may drive some people away, but you can save a lot of money if you sign up for the yearly plan. In addition, being able to do good keyword research is essential for a successful website, so it’s money well spent.

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  1. Rosa

    I run a blog and have been struggling to gain views and overall web traffic. This is a brilliant service. But being a struggling writer won’t allow me to fork over forty dollars a month. There are bills that need to be paid.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Rosa!

      I hear you! Paying for services can be difficult if your blog isn’t yet bringing in a steady income. However, there are other tools that you can use for free. I suggest that you check out my Traffic Travis review; it’s a great free keyword tool that you can use.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Charisse

    Why do I feel like I could do this on my own? I can just google words that I consider to be underused, but still have intrigue and would bring in traffic. It’s a great service, but for the price I’m not too sure it’s worth it.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Charisse!

      Good question. But this really cuts to the heart of why you really need to do keyword research to be successful and bring in traffic.

      Yes you can use keywords that you “think” to have a low competition, but do you really know if the competition is that low? Remember, more and more websites are constantly being created, and even keywords that you would think to have a low competition may in fact have a very high competition, causing you to never rank for any of your keywords. You will get very little traffic this way.

      And then there’s the second point: How do you know that these keywords “intrigue”? Maybe nobody is using these keywords at all. Maybe they get only 12 searches a year. You can target hundreds of low-volume keywords, but you will get very little traffic this way as well.

      So yes, it does cost a small fee, but truthfully, it’s worth it in the long run — without keyword research I wouldn’t have nearly as much traffic as I already have. I use some keywords that bring in HUNDREDS of visitors a month each! You won’t always be as lucky, but it does show the POWER of finding great keywords.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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