Lucky Day Review — Will Today Be Your Lucky Day?

In this Lucky Day review, read about the “Lucky Day” app and find out whether downloading it will make you a lucky person.

lucky day reviewLucky Day App Review

Lucky Day is an app that basically works like a lottery. You can scratch digital cards and see if you get three images that match. You can enter raffles and win small or large amounts of money. You can gamble. You can earn points as well, which you can use to cash out for money or to buy raffle tickets. You can also earn points by doing things like watching videos.

As you can see in the screenshot, I earned $1 in a raffle, as well as several dozen thousand points. There are some raffles where you can earn thousands of dollars. You can cash out your points as well, but you need to have six million points for five dollars or something.

You can cash out your money when you reach $10. The problem is that many people seem to be reporting that they earned a few dollars during their first few days of using the app, and then they did not win anything for weeks and months. That won’t help you, because you did not reach the $10 minimum for payout. Remember that it is a free app that does not require you to do any work, so I doubt they are just giving out so much money to so many people so easily. I suspect that they will let you earn some money at the beginning to show you that it works, but then make you keep the app for a long time if you want to actually reach the $10 mark.

Other than that, the app seems legit. That doesn’t mean you will really earn any money, though. It is more or less just like the lottery. Sure, it is POSSIBLE to earn money, but the chances of that happening to you are slim. You certainly won’t get rich.

There are other fun ways of making money on your phone though! For example, check out Phrendly, which literally pays you to flirt with guys.

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