Media Shower Review — Is It a Good Place for Writers?

Is Media Shower a good freelancing place for writers? What is Media Shower, anyway? Here is everything you need to know. media shower reviews

How It Works

At Media Shower, there will be a number of articles waiting to be taken by writers. However, writers must first submit a “pitch” to the editor. In the pitch, the writer suggests a title and an outline for the article. If the editor and the customer like the pitch, the writer can take the article.

Each article must be at least 500 words and pays $25. Some articles may need to be promoted on a blog or social media and will usually pay extra for that. For some articles, a writer may even be able to suggest their own price. Payments are made on the 10th of every month for the previous month.

The Application Process at Media Shower

To apply, you must first submit a resume and/or links to previous work you have done. If they like it, you will be asked to write a test article of 500 words. If they like the article, you will be accepted as a writer. They may even use your test article and pay you $25.

So, Is Media Shower Worth It? Can It Really Be True?

The truth is that $25 an article is pretty good for a content mill. On the other hand, you will be writing quality content, not bland keyword-stuffed articles. In addition, you can’t just choose an article to work on and then do it; you must first submit a pitch. This means that there is a likelihood that another writer will get the job. In addition, as with all content mills, the availability of work will surely vary.

So it really depends on you. You probably could make some extra money here and there through Media Shower, so I wouldn’t just dismiss it. On the other hand, you should not view it as a primary source of income, only as a way of finding some extra freelance work now and then.

What are your thoughts? Will you be applying to Media Shower? Do you think it is worth the time? (I applied and was accepted.)  Let us know!


  1. Dominic Francis

    Pitching?! I got to know from other reviews on Media Shower that a specific editor(s) is assigned to every writer and the articles are assigned in batches by the editor, for a week. Let me know if this is not the case. Thanks you!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Dominic,

      I can’t speak for other writers. However, I can say that I have never been assigned articles by editors. I do not have a specific editor, either. I do get emails from time to time, saying that a certain client needs an article(s) and that I shoud pitch an article idea to that client. When I log into the dashboard and there are articles available, I am told to pitch ideas for each article.

      That’s all I know.

      Let me know if you have any more comments or questions 🙂

      All the best,


  2. Juraida

    Hi Ben, thank you for sharing about Media Shower here. $25 for a minimum 500 words article is a pretty good pay Do they have different pay rate for longer articles or topics/subjects of article? If we apply to them and got accepted, do we get the articles to write if they have suitable articles for us? Thanks.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Juraida,

      All articles are 500 words long. This is because Media Shower is a subscription based company — customers sign up for a certain number of articles per month. However, there are articles that require extras, such as extra research or promotion on social media. These articles can, indeed, pay more than $25.

      Once you are accepted as a writer, you will see a list of articles waiting to be written. You must first submit a title and article outline, and if the editor likes it, you can take the article.

  3. Fabian

    Hello Ben,
    thank you for your review. Media shower looks like a good place for people who want to earn extra money for writing articles. 25$ is not bad, of course depending on your speed. But let’s say you need for one article one hour that would be on a 8 hour day an income of 200$.
    For someone who lives writing this is a good income I think.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      True, but with these types of companies, there generally is not enough work for a full time income.


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