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Nope, that’s not a typo. I would appreciate some reviews, but that’s not what I is one of the dozens of content mills out there, and I just thought I’d say a few words about it.

I have absolutely no experience with Needanarticle. They have not been hiring for a long time. I did put my name on their waiting list form, though that webpage now comes up as a 404.

Their price, according to their website, is between $0.0129 and $0.05 per word, but not all of it goes to their writers, as they take a small commission.

Now, that’s actually not bad for content mills.

What I just wanted to say is that if anyone reading this has worked for Needanarticle, why not enlighten us as to your experience?

If you don’t know anything about NAA, feel free to tell us what you think about the writing online industry.

By the way, I’ve found something very interesting over at Ripoff Report about Needanarticle, and I feel it’s a must-read if you want to find out about the company. It’s quite interesting, and you can read it here. Basically, it’s a back and forth online screaming match between a former Needanarticle writer and the alleged owner of Needanarticle.

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  1. Vashti

    I personally believe that this person is the same one who is making nasty comments all over the internet and is the same confused and unhappy individual who was always trying to use their status to get attention and or special favors. The thing is that having left the site several months ago and having left it with absolutely nothing owed to them–which the site owner showed us using screen captures–it makes me wonder why lying is necessary in order to make a statement. If you have a good point, the truth will work, won’t it? Unless that’s not a good enough story. The problem with the internet is that insane people are allowed to run rampant and good people are maligned.

    Now s/he wants to make it appear that Nance and Robbi were party to cheating the writers when in fact no one was cheated and neither one of them had access to pay anything.

    I know personally that until just a couple of months ago when the site owner took a job, neither one of the ladies working had access to pay the writers. I also know that neither one of them has been paid for doing their job for several years.

    I know that they worked 8 hours a day and only made money from their writing and I know that they did it to keep the writers working. We are all aware of that because Scott told us.

    It’s so sad that this person could try so hard to make these women appear to be bad people but what is even sadder is that this allows this type of libel without even verifying a single word–which is really pretty easy to do. I hope they hold you as accountable as they do the person who wrote it.

  2. Winnie has been struggling to pay writers for months. They have sent numerous messages about ‘staggering payouts’. Now (28 Feb, 2017), payouts seem to have stopped completely. The home page takes you to a an ‘Apache Tomcat’ successfully installed message (looks like they have not renewed their hosting account). Messages to Support are being ignored, and their Live Chat is permanently offline.

    Despite not paying writers the money they’ve earned, they are still taking orders from customers who want to buy content.

    My advice to writers – steer clear or you will likely get stung.

    Also, keep an eye out for the people behind NAA, Need an Article or They are Scott Foster, Nancy Langston and Robbie Drake. If fails, they will likely crop with a new site where the whole thing will be repeated.

    Check out ripoffreport for updated complaints about

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Winnie!

      Thanks for letting us in on this.

      I do find it interesting that their website,, is down. I also noticed that they’re now using It uses the same logo and points to their old Facebook page.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Ruth

      Hello Winnie,

      You are so off base. Yes, there have been delayed payouts to writers due to several issues that combined to make it a necessity. That is being resolved. Payouts have never stopped completely. I have been paid several times since February.

      A technical issue caused the front page to go offline, not because the hosting wasn’t paid. The .club domain was set up as a way to get the front page back online. The main site has not gone offline at all. I have been informed the two are not on the same hosting.

      Messages to support are not being ignored as far as I know. I have been notified many times of issues clients have reported through the help desk. I do know that the live chat app has some issues causing it not to work properly that might or might not be resolved.

      It is clear you really don’t know Need an Article or the people running it. It will make it through and grow again but if it doesn’t, Those ripoff reports don’t mean a thing if you don’t know the background. I have heard about the writers who posted them and it is just sour grapes.


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