Online Surveys-A Quick Guide

I’m in need of some extra cash. Should I consider taking online surveys? If so, which company should I choose?This quick guide will answer those questions for you.2015-09-17-17-11-35

First, Some Things To Consider

Before going into which survey sites are the best for you, take a few moments to think about whether taking online surveys are actually worth your time?

It really all boils down to one question: What are you looking for?

Are you looking for a way to pay your bills without a regular job? Then I don’t think that taking online surveys is the answer. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to earn some quick extra income online (there are a few which I hope to review in the future).

We all know that you won’t make even the minimum wage taking online surveys (for if it was so, everyone would do it. Besides, the companies can’t afford that much), but the question is, can I, at least, make half of the minimum wage?

Well, let’s see. Surveys typically take about 10-30 minutes, with a reward of about $0.50-1.50 per survey, with both the time and pay varying, sometimes more, sometimes less. So theoretically, if I take three 20 minute surveys an hour, with each paying a dollar, I’ll make $3 an hour, right? That’s, at least, something! I can make $30 a day in ten hours!

Well… theoretically, yes, but practically, that’s probably not going to happen.For a few reasons.

A:The time listed is only an estimate, it really depends on your internet speed, the ease or difficulty of answering questions, as well as what your answers actually are, for example, if you answer yes about you relationship with a certain item/experience you’ll be asked another 5 questions about that item; if you answer no, they will be skipped.

 B: Many times, in certain companies, the listings are simply incorrect, once you are redirected to the survey, you find out that the time and reward are different.

C:Most importantly, you will often get disqualified from surveys, sometimes at the beginning, after stating your age, race, state, etc., but oftentimes, you will already have answered say 10 questions before you are disqualified (after answering ‘I did not watch television yesterday’ or whatever), and this can be very frustrating. Some companies are better than other, some you will hardly ever be accepted.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some surveys require a desktop computer to complete them, which   you will be informed of at the beginning of the survey, and some will require you to play a video, and if you failed to be able to play it, you’ll be disqualified as well.

Even with good survey sites, you probably won’t make more than a dollar an hour, likely even less.

So it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Again, taking surveys online is unfortunately not a realistic earning opportunity. However, if you’re just looking for some pocket cash while lying on your bed and not willing to take on a real job, this might be for you. However, you have to make an informed choice of which one to join, and hence, finally, for the quick guide.

Not All Survey Companies Are Created Equal

Now, before accusing me of some form of bigotry or racism, take your time and think about these things before joining any survey company, as they really do matter:


PAYMENTS: checkbook

>How do they pay you? Do they actually offer cash? Some companies will only offer you products as rewards. Make sure before spending your time  that they offer cash, either by PayPal or by check; or if it’s okay with you, amazon/iTunes/Visa etc. gift cards.

>How high is the payout requirement? The lower the better, as you’ll feel less pressured to complete more surveys to redeem your reward.5,10,20 and even 30 dollar payouts are certainly acceptable, but again, the lower, the better.

>Can you cash out as soon as you reach the payout mark? Some companies pay once or twice a month, which can be inconvenient. Some also take up to two weeks to process, even if you can request payment whenever you want.

>Do they actually pay? This is very important. Some survey companies have a terrible reputation when it comes to actually paying their employees. Browse around on the web before you join a company to see if people are getting their due pay.


>How easy is it to qualify? Some companies are not bad with matching up appropriate surveys to your profile or just having easy-to-qualify surveys; some are really terrible, and you’ll end up using up that whole extra hour answering questions for nothing. Again, browse around on the web for some information, or you can also test them out a few times yourself.

>When do you get disqualified? Is it typically at the beginning, or halfway through the survey? Again, some do a better job than others.

>Do you get the annoying ‘sorry, survey is closed, you are currently being redirected’?This can be very annoying. If it happens all the time and your precious ‘extra time’ goes down the drain, it’s just not worth it.

>How accurate are their listings? It’s really annoying to find out after you’ve been redirected, that your time has doubled, and your pay, cut in half.

>What is your compensation if you get disqualified? This is also very important. If they give you ten cents for each disqualification, it might be worth it, especially if you get disqualified early on. However, most companies will just give you nothing, or close to nothing, such as one cent with a maximum of five cents a day, or a chance to win $10,000 or more, which if that’s adequate compensation is up to you to decide.

>Do you have to give your card info to buy a product before taking a survey about it? If so, I wouldn’t recommend it.


>How much survey invites will you receive in your email account? Some send 5-10 a day (ouch), some send only a few every couple days. If you’re interested in signing up to several survey companies, you might want to consider setting up a separate email account just for that. Some companies will deactivate your account entirely if you unsubscribe from their email list.




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