Overnight Commissions Review – Earn Commissions By Tomorrow Morning?

In this Overnight Commissions review, you’ll discover what exactly Overnight Commissions is all about, what the program offers, what it teaches, and whether you’ll really start making commissions “overnight”…

overnight commissions review

Overnight Commissions Review, Summarized

Overnight Commissions (by Glynn Kosky) is a 15-part video training course that focuses on how to build an email marketing funnel to promote affiliate products and how to get traffic. You’ll also get access to Glynn’s product vault, which includes 15+ training courses.

Now for the long review.  

Overnight Commissions – How Fast Will You Earn Commissions?

Overnight Commissions is a training course that consists of 15 videos, usually between five and 20 minutes long. The videos focus mostly on email marketing.

You’ll learn about list building, how to set up your lead magnet, how to create your funnel and find product to promote in your funnel, how to set up your autoresponder, how to create landing pages, how to set up your email sequence, and how to send traffic to your funnel to get subscribers.

Here is what the 15 videos are called:

  1. The List
  2. Lead Magnets
  3. The Funnel Explanation
  4. Funnel Offers
  5. Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Setting Up the Funnel
  8. Website and Email
  9. Email Sequence
  10. Free Traffic
  11. Solo Ads
  12. Tracking
  13. Testing
  14. Outsourcing
  15. Conclusion

You’ll also learn about some FREE tools, including a landing page builder and some free autoresponders. The free landing page builder generates an HTML landing page with your email signup form in it, but you’ll have to host it on your own site.

The free autoresponders look interesting. One of them is MailChimp, but there are two others I have never heard about before that let you do more than Mailchimp does. I’ve never tried them, but it seems that they come with some catches, like inserting ads into the emails you send. It might be for you if you are on a tight budget.

Will you earn commissions overnight with this system? Obviously, it takes hard work to set up your funnel and you will have to work hard on sending consistent traffic to build your list. The “overnight” part is really just a catch-phrase. It means that once you’ve got your funnel set up and you invested some money in order to get leads, you can make passive income, even when you sleep.

overnight commissionsThe Bonuses

As a bonus, you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group and a member’s webinar.

In addition, you’ll get access to Glynn Kosky’s product vault. This means you’ll be able to get all 15+ training courses that he released on WarriorPlus for FREE if you are a customer of Overnight Commissions. He is still selling most of these courses as standalone products, so this is a pretty good deal.

Pros and Cons


This is a solid course that teaches you all about setting up your email marketing funnel and sending and monetizing your traffic. You will also get access to 15+ other training courses at no extra cost!


It’s a little similar to some other products Glynn Kosky has put out. This isn’t a problem if you haven’t yet purchased any of his other products (in addition, you’ll get access to ALL his products via his product vault). Another con is that there are some upsells, which can be annoying.

So, Is Overnight Commissions a Scam or Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Overnight Commissions is a solid internet marketing training course. It costs around $7, which is perfectly worth it in my opinion, especially considering the 15+ training courses you are getting for free as a bonus. The name is a little hyped up; it’s not a get-rich-quick hack that will make you commissions overnight by doing nothing. It teaches a solid method that requires work to do.

Although Overnight Commissions is a good course, I recommend that you get Six Figure Influx instead. Six Figure Influx is yet another product by Glynn Kosky that gives you his product vault as a bonus, but it costs only $1.97 instead of $7. This means that if you get Six Figure Influx, you will get Overnight Commissions as well via his product vault! So you’ll save around five bucks.

Read more about Six Figure Influx!







  1. Steven Oliver

    Hey Ben

    This looks an interesting course and I like your review. I have read on numerous occasions that list building is absolutely crucial to becoming a force on the internet, as if you have a list you are able to promote to it over and over again. The problem is being able to put together a list successfully, so anything that is able to show you how to do it well, is definitely worth a look.



    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Steven!

      That is definitely true.

      It is hard to set up a successful funnel that actually WORKS. That’s why I think getting this training is worth it.

      If you want a done-for-you funnel, you can get that too – check out my WebCopyCat and CB Passive Income reviews.

      All the best,


  2. Brendan

    Great article! I am new to internet marketing so this is something I am definitely going to purchase to benefit my website and earn more commissions!
    Also, since Overnight Commissions is only $7, it will be easy for me to come up with the cash as opposed to other websites that charge up to 4 times that amount for essentially the same information.
    Thanks for your review and the private list of 250+ sites! I am definitely going to benefit from this.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Brendan!

      I am glad you liked it. And as I mentioned, you can get it for just $1.97 by getting Six Figure Influx.

      All the best,



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