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What is What are the rates they pay? And is it worth it?

As its name suggests, PaidForumPosting pays its members to post on forums, blogs, and websites. You see, when someone first starts a blog, it is hard to attract members. If nothing is done, the forum will remain empty and abandoned for a long time. It’s not like an empty forum will show up in Google search results, and on the other hand, if nobody knows about the forum, it will likely remain that way.

Enter PaidForumPosting. Like a few others in the industry, PaidForumPosting offers forum owners the opportunity to build up their forum. Anyone can work for PaidForumPosting, provided that they can write a correct English without spelling or Grammar mistakes.

PaidForumPosting has actually been around for over a decade, but it was only recently been taken over by a new management who are now expanding its reach.

How It Works

Each forum that needs posts is considered a new “job,” with a start and end date. Between the start and end dates, a certain number of posts, including both new topics and replies to existing topics, must be made on that forum, according to how much the forum owner paid. Writers can accept these jobs, and the total number of posts to be made on that forum is divided between a certain number of writers. Each post must be at least 25 words. Only a certain number of posts can be made a day per username; after all, no forum owner wants one guy to post 50 posts on one day and then leave.

Each job at PaidForumPosting will have its own thread. To accept a job, you simply post in that thread that you have accepted the job. You also mention your username, as well as the progress you have made, which you have to constantly update. You also must create your own thread where you mention all the current and previous jobs you have undertaken.

The Application Process

Writers can sign up on their website, They will be required to make seven sample posts, consisting of both threads and replies to existing threads. Pay Rates

The pay rates at PaidForumPosting are actually high compared to others in the industry, at 20 cents per post. At 25 words per post, that comes out to 0.8 cents per word. Compare that to Textbroker, which pays their 2-star writers 0.7 cents per word to write articles.

There is no minimum payout amount. You can always get paid for completed jobs.

So, Is PaidForumPosting Worth It?

Well, as mentioned above, the pay is pretty good, considering that you are simply posting on forums. On the other hand, this is not for everybody. It’s not like you can log in whenever you feel like it and post away for an hour. You are limited in the number of posts you can make per forum, although you can accept multiple jobs at one time. You also must commit yourself to complete a certain number of posts by a certain end date.

However, if you find forums that are interesting and you enjoy posting on such forums, and you have some extra time set aside each day to make a few posts, this is certainly a pretty good deal. As the company is now expanding, more and more work is becoming available. If you can make 5 posts in 5 minutes, you are actually working at the rate of $12 an hour. Also, throw in the fact that there is no minimum payout amount for completed jobs.



If you either enjoy posting on forums anyway or are just looking for something extra to do, this is a good deal. Just aim for forums that are interesting and that won’t require to much research to do.

On the other hand, if you are already an expert writer who earns an excellent income, this might not be the thing for you.

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