Partner With Mike B Review – Is He a Good Business Partner?

partner with michael b reviewIn this Partner With Mike B review, you’ll find out whether it is worth it to “partner” with this individual, or whether you should give the whole thing a pass!

Partner With Mike B Review, In a Word

Partner With Mike B is less of a training course and more of a high-ticket “biz opp system” with a low-priced entree fee and higher priced upgrades. Basically, you get to earn the big commissions if you pay the big price yourself.

How to “Partner” With Mike B


Mike Buontempo is the owner of this program. Again, it isn’t actually much of a training course. Instead, it is a “system” that lets you earn high-ticket commissions – if you pay the big price to get in.

When you pay $7 for the low-priced frontend offer, you’ll get access to a total of nine videos. Some of these videos contain useful tips and business advice, but others talk about why you need to promote high-ticket offers, why you should use a done-for-you system, and how Partner With Mike B has the perfect done-for-you system and high-ticket offer (of course, you need to upgrade to earn the high-ticket commissions).

Even that doesn’t come so quickly. In order to “unlock” the first six videos, you need to contact your coach. When I sent an email to him, I got an error message from Google that the address did not exist. I actually had to text my coach and he unlocked the first six videos.

You also get access to a done-for-you squeeze page and sales funnel that you can use to promote Partner With Mike B, but you need a Clickfunnels account for this (you can get a 14-day trial).

partner with mike b review

The High-Ticket Offer

I actually don’t know how much the high-ticket offer costs, since I didn’t bother contacting my coach and asking about it. These types of high-ticket offers usually cost around $1,000. If you upgrade, you can earn the $997 commissions when you promote Partner With Mike B.

Okay, so should you upgrade? This depends on whether you already have an audience or not. Listen, if you don’t have an email list or website, there is no way you will suddenly start earning $997 commissions. If you have a large email list, then buying the high-ticket offer makes sense, because you can immediately earn it back in just a few days by promoting it to your list. You can buy into other high-ticket systems too if you have a big list, such as MOBE.

Note: You do NOT need to actually buy Partner With Mike B to promote it. You can just find your affiliate link in the Clickbank marketplace and promote the frontend offer along with the first three upsells. However if you want to earn the $997 commissions, you will have to upgrade.

The Upsells

There are a number of upsells that you get when you purchase Partner With Mike B for the first time, ranging from $89 to $199. These include done-for-you emails, traffic training for blogging and free Facebook traffic, and weekly webinars from Mike.

So, Is Partner With Mike B Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

I wouldn’t say the Mike B system is a scam. The frontend $7 doesn’t offer much, but perhaps you will discover some useful advice in the nine training videos it has. The high-ticket offer is just like MOBE, Super Affiliate Network or these other systems, where you can pay big to earn big commissions — BUT YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED AN AUDIENCE FIRST.

I would recommend that you try out Affilorama. If you are going to spend so much money, you might as well spend it one something SOLID – and AffiloJetpack has just that: Solid content, solid email newsletters, solid ebooks to give away, solid solid solid.


  1. John ツ

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for sharing your views on Partner With Mike B. I immediately had the feeling that this was a scam, but hey, scams still work and profit some people, like everyone knows that those “Nigerian chain letters” is a scam, but still people fall for it.

    I have been marketing online since 2001, so have been ripped off more than once to smell a rat from a distance. That said, your recommendation to join Affilorama is much more reasonable, I would also recommend it as I am a member as well.

    I do like your website, it is very neat and easy to navigate, and I look forward to reading your future articles.

    Best wishes,


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi John,

      You make a good point. Yes, you can make money by promoting high-ticket products, but if it’s only useful if you already have a big list, is it all a scam? After all, most people who visit your blog or sign up to your email list do not already have a big list.

      The answer is that it depends. Most high-ticket products do not ask you to promote the high-ticket offer itself. Instead, they have a low-priced offer that you send people to, and they do the upselling to you. If this low-priced offer actually offers really great training, then I think it would be okay to promote it. After all, you’re offering great value. If they pay $7 and receive an entire training course even if they do not upgrade, then that’s pretty good.

      It also depends on what the high-priced offer actually gives you. For example, if all it does is let you earn higher commissions, than I would not feel comfortable promoting it. But I know one high-priced offer where you get one on one support, you get personal coaching, you get to set up an entire automated email marketing system where you can use prewritten converting swipes and where you earn 100 percent commissions on best selling products, and so on. I think that would be worth it if you want to save a lot of time on email marketing.

      AffiloJetpack is another example of a good high-ticket offer. Anik Singal has a similar program, which I would also be comfortable promoting.

      In my opinion, the low-priced offer of Partner With Mike B does NOT offer great value, and is just a clickbait to get people to eventually upgrade to the high-priced offer. Most of the nine videos just serve the purpose to get you to upgrade. That’s why I would not promote it. However, I would promote Affilorama and then hope that people upgrade to AffiloBlueprint or AffiloJetpack.

      All the best,


  2. Karen noone

    This sounds like an absolute scam to me. I have seen loads of these type of offers to make loads of money online and I always just end up thinking scam. Too much money to spend and I wouldn’t be comfortable sending anyone to them.
    Surely there is a better way to earn money online?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Karen,

      That’s a legitimate way of looking at it. You make a good point – yes, you can make money from them if you have a list, but should you send people to the offer if you yourself believe it’s only worth it if you have a list? Personally, Partner With Mike B is not something I would promote. I actually first bought the program because I was thinking of promoting it to my list and I wanted to check it out beforehand. I decided not to promote it.

      All the best,


  3. Tony W

    Good information. I am have mixed feelings about heavy up selling.
    I have problems deciding if the program owner is just greedy or if they really believe the up selling has value.
    I like that you mentioned JetPack. That is a good and straight forward program.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Tony,

      Yeah, the point of these high-ticket offers is to make money. Whether it has value or not will depend on whether YOU find value in it. I don’t, and it’s not something I would bother buying or something I would promote. Every program must be considered on its own merits. Some offer real one on one coaching that could really help you succeed.

      All the best,



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