Six Figure Influx Review – Generate an Influx of Commissions?

In this Six Figure Influx review, I will go through exactly what this latest Glynn Kosky product is all about, what it teaches, and whether it is worth the price…

six figure influx review

My Six Figure Influx Review, Summarized

The Six Figure Influx program ( is an 18-part training course that teaches you how to set up an affiliate marketing business using Youtube as your free traffic course. This is a crash course that will teach you how to get started from scratch. You’ll get access to a private webinar and Facebook group as well. As a bonus, you’ll gain access to 15+ of Glynn’s other training courses. Now for the longer review. 

What Six Figure Influx Is All About

As mentioned, Six Figure Influx teaches you how to use Youtube to make affiliate sales and build your list. There are 18 videos in the main training course. They focus on how and where to find the best affiliate products to promote, how to set up a followup series and more, but most of the training focuses on using Youtube.

You’ll learn how to get started with Youtube, different types of videos you can upload and how to create them, how to do keyword research for Youtube, how to optimize your Youtube videos for more sales and views, how to use different software to create videos, how to use Youtube to build your list, and much more.

The course is newbie friendly and takes you from the bottom to the top, so you should be able to get started with this even if you aren’t an experienced affiliate marketer. Even if you do have experience, you’ll probably learn some cool Youtube traffic tricks in this course. I learned some interesting ways to optimize my videos that I didn’t know about before. 

You’ll also get access to a free member’s webinar and private Facebook group. There are a bunch of other bonuses, but most require you to enter an email address.

Glynn’s Product Vault

The creator of Six Figure Influx is Glynn Kosky. He’s well known in the internet marketing world and has created various training and software products on Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

When you buy Six Figure Influx, you’ll get access to all of Glynn’s training course products. He’s selling these courses as standalone products on Warrior Plus, so you’re getting a really great deal here. There are more than 15 training courses that you’ll get for free, all for the super low price of Six Figure Influx (which now costs less than two bucks).


There are a bunch of optional upgrades when you purchase the Six Figure Influx system. I haven’t gone through them myself and don’t really know what they contain. However, these are totally optional and the Six Figure Influx course itself together with the product vault is very cheap (only $1.97 right now).

So, Is Six Figure Influx Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Six Figure Influx is totally legit and I highly recommend it. The training itself is solid and offers lots of value. If you’ve held back from doing Youtube because you didn’t know how to get started, this course is definitely for you. Right now, it costs just $1.97 for the entire course + the product vault, so you’re getting a really great deal of a lifetime here.

Grab your Six Figure Influx discount while you still can!




  1. Sumit

    Great thanks for sharing this information I am so very happy to read this content

  2. Karen Forsman

    Hi Ben
    Interesting article – I have only recently heard of Six Figure influx and thought it was just another MLM scheme. After reading your article, I might have to look at joining and sussing it out for myself. Thanks for sharing, cheers, Karen

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Karen,

      No, Six Figure Influx doesn’t have anything to do with MLM. It’s a solid internet marketing training course that teaches you how to use Youtube to earn affiliate commissions. With access to the product vault and the super low price, you can’t lose out 🙂

  3. David Donahue

    Very interesting and the price is pretty cheap. Are there monthly membership fees? I may have to check this out if anything for the training in affiliate marketing. I’m always open to new training models. Great minfo here.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey David,

      There are no monthly membership fees! There are upsells, which are totally optional.

      All the best,


  4. Kevon

    Wow. First time, I’m hearing about Sic Figure Influx. If it weren’t for your review and I stumbled on this website, I would have thought that Six Figure Influx was a scam or as you say, Can it really be true. And $1.97 is a real giveaway. Plus free access to his product vault? What’s the catch Ben? This really seems too good to be true. Have you tried this training yourself for real? Did it benefit you? I’m interested but a bot skeptical. But what the heck what’s $1.97 But wait! Is it a one time payment or are they gonna charge my credit card with some ridiculous amount later down the road and say that I did not read the fine print?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Lol. There’s no catch, let me explain. 🙂

      The catch is that there are going to be two or three upsells. Upsells are annoying, but that’s how businesses make most of their money (fun fact: Did you know that McDonald’s makes most of their money by upselling you on fries and a drink and what not?). So he makes most of his money from the upsells.

      In addition, when you buy his product, you’ll be added to his email list, so he’ll make money by promoting products to you that way (though you can always unsubscribe).

      You also have to understand how some of these big-name internet marketers work. What some of them do is make one product and constantly focus on improving it. What others, like Glynn Kosky, do is launch new products once or twice a year or more. You see this all the time with Warrior Plus products. They make most of their money in the few weeks right after the launch. After a few months have passed, though, they don’t focus so much on their old products, because they are already on to their newest product and can’t keep up with promoting and updating so many old products at once.

      So sometimes they will start charging less for their old products, for example. Six Figure Influx used to cost around seven dollars or something, but he lowered the price later on because he’s not updating it. That doesn’t mean it’s not good; it’s still a high-quality training course that you’ll learn a lot from. For the same reason, he has no problem giving you access to all of his products, because although he still sells them, he is not using them as his primary income source and he also wants to make sure his customers are satisfied. I do want to mention that some of his products are a little similar and teach similar methods, but you’re still getting plenty of training on various topics for free.

      So there are no hidden fees. You can skip the upgrades and you won’t be charged anything down the road.

      I did get Six Figure Influx myself. I actually didn’t even buy it – I just bought a different product he sells and got access to his product vault that way! 😀

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

      All the best,


      1. kevon

        Great Ben. Thanks for sharing this very detailed response. I really appreciate it. I’m heading over there now.

        1. Ben (Post author)

          No problem Kevon, let me know if you need anything else! 🙂


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