Slidecoin Review – Earn Free Bitcoin By Simply Using Your Phone!

In this Slidecoin review, you will learn how you can use the Slidecoin app to earn FREE Bitcoin by simply using your phone as normal!

slidecoin app reviewSlidecoin App Review

The Slidecoin app is an app that will pay for simply downloading the app and using your phone.

Here is how it works:

Signing up is easy and is done by simply linking your Google account.

Once you download the app, you will be shown ads whenever you turn on your phone’s screen. This is a little of an inconvenience, but all you have to do is swipe left or right and the ad will disappear. You will earn Bitcoin just by doing this!

In addition, you can choose to use the Slidecoin messenger as your default text messaging app. If you do that, you will earn free Bitcoin for every text message that you send. Each text message that you send will have a little ad on the bottom with a link that promotes the Slidecoin app. If you want to turn off the ad for certain messages, you can simply slide the toggle to off so that you can send messages to people without annoying them with links. The Slidecoin Messenger is not a separate app, so you do not have to download two things.

You can also upgrade to Premium and you will earn three times the amount for seeing the ads and using their text messaging app. Premium costs a one time fee of a certain amount of Bitcoin, which depending on the price of Bitcoin, will probably cost ten to fifteen dollars.

Another way to earn money is by referring a friend. For each friend that you refer, you will earn 50 percent of their earnings.

Getting Paid With Slidecoin

The good part about Slidecoin is that you do not need a minimum earning amount to get paid. Getting paid is easy. They will simply send the money to your Coinbase wallet. Make sure to sign up to Slidecoin with the Gmail account that you used for Coinbase. If you did not yet set up a Coinbase account, that is fine. They will send you an email with instructions with what to do to open up a Coinbase account and access your earnings. Once the money is in Coinbase, you can transfer it to your bank. Keep in mind that Coinbase will not transfer a few cents to your bank. It is a good idea to cash out to Coinbase when you have at least a few dollars at Slidecoin, not just a few cents. (Learn more about Bitcoin wallets.)

Pros of Slidecoin

The pros of Slidecoin is that you can basically earn money by doing nothing. All you have to do is download the app. Keep in mind that the price of Bitcoin can fluctuate, which is both a pro and a con. You can earn $10, and five months later it might be $20 or it might be $5.

Cons of Slidecoin

I like that you can pause the promotions in the texts you send, but I don’t like that you can’t pause the lockscreen ads. In addition, it is hard to figure out how much money you earned. They show your earnings in “slidecoins”, which you then have to convert to Bitcoins, which you then have to convert to US Dollars. You can use Google to convert Bitcoin to dollars.

So, Is Slidecoin Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Slidecoin is legit and I really like it. It is a great way to earn free Bitcoin on the side by not doing much. You will not get rich, and you will not earn enough to start making it big with Bitcoin. However, you will be able to earn free money on the side which can eventually rise in price. You will probably only earn a few cents per day, but that is a few cents for doing nothing. In addition, the price can rise in the future and your Bitcoin can go up in value (or down).

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  1. jose fernandez

    me da este error:
    your kind email account used too many times.
    please try to use another gmail address

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Jose,

      Try uninstalling the app and trying again with a different email address. That might work.

  2. GiuliaB

    Ben, thank you for introducing us to Slidecoin. I think it must be fun to work with Slidecoin and then to beget paispd in cryptocurrency. Being paid in bitcoins is very precarious, especially for those iPod upheaval the trading market might suffer. Yet , even if you get paid a few cents, it makes it worth its while by getting paid good pocket money whoever you want virtually.
    I hope you’ll still enjoy the world of Slidecoin, and then you’ll come to work one of these days,a nnouncing to your regular customers you are no longer be able to serve them 🙁

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey, not so sure about that last part! You won’t earn enough to quit your job with Slidecoin.

  3. Lakisha

    Hi, I have never heard of SideCoin app. This SideCoin app seems pretty cool. It is always nice to get paid for doing a little of nothing. And, it seems like all you do, is perform your normally daily duties as you would. When you transfer money to the coinbase app. Is there a fee? I am sorry for the question, I am just not too familiar with coinbase and bitcoin itself. I also think that it is pretty neat that you can share this opportunity with others. Nowadays, it just seems like you can make money all kinds of ways. Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Lakisha, thanks for the input.

      I just want to add that even though the price of Bitcoin can go up or down, once you cash it out to dollars, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.


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