Swarm Content Review — A Great Alternative to Constant Content

swarm content reviewIn this Swarm Content review, we will be covering how writers can use Swarm Content to sell their articles. Many writers are familiar with Constant Content, a similar site. However, Constant Content is known to be picky both about the writers they accept and the articles they accept from those writers. Swarm Content may not get as much traffic as Constant Content, but it is a great alternative.

*UPDATE*: Swarm Content has gone out of business. They’re currently offline and are in negotiations with plans of coming back as a different brand, a new website and new business partners. I’ll keep you updated right here as soon as any new developments emerge!

Swarm Content — How It Works

Joining Swarm Content is easy. All you need to do is create an account. You don’t need to take any tests, and that’s the way it should be. Each article you submit will be individually reviewed.

It’s easy to submit an article. You get to choose your own price, which is the best part. You can also choose whether the buyer must mention you as the author or not, and whether you want to get paid in dollars, pounds, or euros. You also add some more basic information, such as the number of words and the category.

After you submit your article, it will undergo a review process. The editors will make sure it is not plagiarized and that it doesn’t have spelling or grammar mistakes. The good part is that the editors are not picky at all, unlike other sites. However, articles can take a few days to get approved.

Your content will be in the online store until somebody buys it. You can view all your articles or take them down whenever you want.

Swarm Content also offers tailored content for clients, so you may even be contacted to write new articles for clients that requested them (if they think you’ll be a good fit).

swarm content reviewProblems and Some Recent Changes

The way it used to work at Swarm Content is that anyone can view an article in the online store. In order to stop people from copying the content and then using it without buying it, they put up the articles in an image format, so as to disable copying and pasting. However, that obviously is not sufficient, because anyone can use an OCR tool, such as onlineocr.net, to upload an image and pull the text from it.

I was on the BlogMutt writers’ forum one day and saw someone complaining to the effect that their article was used without being purchased. They complained to Swarm Content. What happened was that Swarm Content took down the entire store for a few days (I got an email about it) until they could figure out a solution.

The solution ended up being that only logged in users can view articles, and even then, not all articles can be viewed in full before buying. Still, anyone can create a free account and copy the articles that are viewable in full. There may not be any other solution, though, because if people will only be able to view a small preview, nobody will end up buying articles.

So, Is Swarm Content a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

Swarm Content is a great place for writers who are looking to sell their pre-written extra and unused articles. The staff is very friendly and accomodating. It’s a great alternative to Constant Content as well. Still, I would only recommend that you sell your articles that are extra and are just lying around unused. If you write articles just to sell them, they may never end up being purchased and they may even be used without being purchased.

What are your thoughts on the issue of selling articles online? Are you afraid of them being copied without your permission?


(Obviously, some of the items in the comparison chart are not applicable to an online article store. I’m just including the chart for fun.)


  1. Deva

    A great idea, and I’m curious if it’s working. I will certainly keep track of your website and this review because I’m interested in your experience. If it works, I would definitely try. Registration is very simple, create an account. I am writing for my site, why not try to offer my content on Swarm Content, and earn something, who knows may occur some business cooperation.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Deva!

      Sounds like a great idea! Just make sure that any content you submit to Swarm Content is original. But definitely, if you already blog, then it joining Swarm Content can work well.


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