The Ask GFK Scam – Just Joking, But I’m Not Interested

If you’ve ever taken a lot of online surveys, chances are that you’ve come across some surveys from “GFK”. So you might be surprised to find out that they actually have their own surveys site, called askGFK. The question is, is it worth it joining?


(Ask GFK is not on my recommended programs list.)

First, let me start off by saying that GFK Research is actually the fourth biggest market research company in the world. It is based in Germany and has many branches, including online survey sites in many countries, including in the USA and the UK. That being said, I don’t necessarily recommend joining askGFK. Why?

Well… visit their website (, and you’ll notice, reading through their FAQs, that once you have accumulated 2500 points you can redeem them for rewards from their “vendors”.

reception-bellNow, if that set off a warning bell in your head, good for you. If not, welcome to the world of online money making. Whenever you join ANY online paid surveys company, make sure they actually pay MONEY, either cash or gift cards, if that’s okay with you.

It turns out, after finally reaching the 2500 points mark, many not-so-careful people who were expecting cash or gift cards got the shock of their life: they can redeem them for merchandise, magazine subscriptions, etc starting at 2500 points, but if you want something good, it can be in the hundreds of thousands of points, an impossible task and a ripoff as well.

*UPDATE* It seems like they do actually offer prepaid gift cards as a reward. However, this is not clear on their website, and I’m certainly not in the mood to work that hard without knowing if I’ll be paid in cash or not. If you are in the mood, good for you.

As for, if you live in England it might be worth it as every 100 points equal 1 pound, and every 15 pounds can be redeemed for highstreet vouchers.

Now, if you live in England  you’re probably more familiar with that than I am. I think you can redeem it at stores, which are located on streets called “highstreets”. Something like Main Street in the US. Go figure. Anyway, if that’s worth it, it’s up to you – I have no personal experience with

There are many other country-oriented online survey sites by GFK Research of which I can tell you absolutely nothing about, as I don’t understand those languages. If you do, you can go to and pick your country and then check the FAQs. Good Luck.

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  1. Gina

    Hi Ben,

    I agree, if a survey company does not offer cash, then it is not worth it. I have not heard of Ask GFK, but I have done so many survey the past few years, I am sure that I have done at least one by them, and just did not see it.

    Is there any survey company that you think is worth the time or effort? Some companies pay pennies, others make you have to purchase items, then do a survey, and others you can barely ever qualify for the surveys offer. It can be very frustrating.

    Really great review.


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any survey company that is worth it. 🙁 Why not try to set up your own online business ? 🙂

  2. Michael Maamari

    Jeeeez, what a ripoff! It’s a shame to think that someone might actually end up spending all that time doing all these dumb surveys expecting something good at the end of all their hard efforts just to find out that they haven’t even scraped the tip of the iceberg. These guys sound horrible! It’s definitely good to be well informed in the world of online surveys, hahaha. I usually stay away from them but posts like yours are definitely helpful for someone who’s thinking about involving themselves in something like that.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      GFK research is actually one of the most rusted research companies. Also, they may offer gift cards. However, they’re not being very transparent about the rewards they will offer and it just strikes me as odd.

  3. Peter

    Never heard of them, thanks for bringing them to my attention

    1. Ben (Post author)

      My pleasure.


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