The Commission Magnet Review – Make $900 This Week?

the commission magnet reviewTrying to find out if you can really make $900 this week? In The Commission Magnet review here, I’ll tell you whether or not this new product by Glynn Kosky is worth the price.

The Commission Magnet Review, Summarized

The Commission Magnet is an 8-part course that focuses on how to set up an email list, promote affiliate products, and generate free traffic from Instagram.

Besides the main course, you’ll also get access to Glynn’s product vault — meaning you’ll get his other products for free (big value there). In addition, there is a free training webinar.

The Commission Magnet – What Does It Teach?

The training in The Commission Magnet is solid. I myself learned a few new stuff.

You’ll learn how to find the best affiliate products to promote, different types of affiliate marketing models, how to create landing pages without paying for extra software besides your autoresponder, how to set up follow up emails, and more. You’ll learn how to generate free traffic from Instagram, and you’ll be introduced to a number of tools and tricks that will help you get more followers, likes and clicks. In addition, you’ll learn about generating traffic with paid solo ads.

There is also a webinar that I have yet to go through, but I’m sure you’ll learn new things there. In addition, you’ll get access to Glynn’s private Facebook group.

There are a bunch of other bonuses you get access to, but some require you to sign up with your email address.

the commission magnet legit or scamThe Product Vault

If nothing else, you might want to get The Commission Magnet just to be able to access Glynn’s product vault. He created many products in the past that were a great success, and you’ll get them as a bonus in the member’s area. Since The Commission Magnet only costs less than five bucks, you’re really getting great value here.

The Commission Magnet Upgrades

If you want, you can upgrade to some additional offers. These include prewritten email swipes that you can use, a list of profitable affiliate programs, and a license to use The Commission Magnet as your own product.

Pros and Cons of The Commission Magnet

PROS: The Commission Magnet offers solid training. There is plenty of value in it, as well as in the webinar and other bonuses. You’re getting access to all of his previous products at no additional costs, so that’s quite a lot of training for really cheap.

CONS: Some people complain about upsells, but that’s really standard in any marketing campaign. McDonald’s, for example, makes most of their money when they upsell you with fries. Ecommerce upsells are really the only way to make good money online, that’s why Amazon shows you the “people usually bought these together” thing. One con with The Commission Magnet is that the “skip” button to skip the upsells didn’t appear until you watched the upsells sales videos for awhile.

Other people worry about the hype on the sales page and the big sums of money displayed. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but everyone does it in the make money online industry, so I’m more concerned with the actual training and whether it is solid and offers valuable information.

Another thing is that the training mentions a tool called Instagress for using Instagram. Instagress was a great tool, but it recently got shut down. However, that’s only a small part of the training, and there are manual methods and other tools to replace Instagress.

So, Is The Commission Magnet Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

The Commission Magnet is legit. The training itself is solid and offers great value.

The Commission Magnet is definitely worth it; for just a few bucks, you can access quite a number of products that Glynn sells separately (yeah, everyone says that, but this time it’s true, he really does sell them separately, you can look them up yourself). There are actually over 15 different training courses you will get access to. 

If you want to get all of his 15+ products for even cheaper, make sure to check out Six Figure Influx. It is an 18-part training course by Glynn Kosky that also gives you access to his Facebook group and product vault and is now only $1.97! Check out Six Figure Influx now. 



  1. Andrei

    Hi, Ben!

    I am glad that I decided to read your post. I am a novice on building an email list and I using Instagram to create leads it’s like a foreign language to me. Thank you for reviewing this product. I will definitely try it out when I’ll finish to optimize my website! Cheers!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Andrei!

      Instagram is definitely a good place to collect leads from. It isn’t rocket science, really. Just get exposure to your profile through the methods the course teaches, and include a link to your landing page with a call to action.

      All the best,


  2. B

    I’m so happy I came a cross your review. I had some doughts about this program, although it doesn’t cost much at all, I didn’t want to loose my time.
    Thank you for sharing all this info. I was reading your other posts and reviews and it’s a real pleasure.

    1. Ben (Post author)


      Yes, it’s very low-priced. However, I suggest you check out Six Figure Influx. It’s another one of Glynn’s products that gives you access to his product vault (meaning, you’ll get access to The Commisssion Magnet too). Right now it costs just $1.97.



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