The Digital Elites Review – How “Elite” Is This Coaching System?

Today, I’ll be talking about a program that I found on Clickbank. In The Digital Elites review on this page, you’ll find out whether it’s worth your time to join this “elite” coaching system, or whether it’s just a waste of investment…

*UPDATE: The Digital Elites has been rebranded as EarnEasyCommissions and updated. Read the full update at the end of the page.*

the digital elites review

The Digital Elites Review, In Short

When I first heard about The Digital Elites system (, I figured it would be another one of those guru programs that promise you the world but when you get inside, you just find old rehashed information that you probably already knew. However, The Digital Elites turned out to be different. I’ve been around in internet marketing for quite a while, but I still learned some new stuff that I never thought about before.

The Digital Elites is mostly comprised of in-depth training videos, though there is also a free done-for-you system included, along with a private Facebook group and live training videos.

There are over 60 videos and hours of watching time. The videos focus on three main topics: Traffic generation, email marketing and list building, and affiliate marketing. There are also bonus videos on blogging strategies.

There is also a private Facebook groups where you can get help from Chuck and other members, along with live training videos.

In addition, there is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system, which I’ll talk about later.

Let’s get into it.

The Digital Elites Training Videos

The Digital Elites has hours of over 60 high-quality training videos. Most focus on email marketing, list building and traffic generation.

Email marketing: You’ll learn some really helpful new tips and strategies for email marketing. Even though I’ve been doing email marketing for a while now, I was impressed. You’ll learn how to increase conversions and sales through various methods, the different types of emails you should send, and how often you should email your list.

Traffic Generation: Covers both free and paid traffic methods. You’ll learn where to get solo ads, solo ad swaps and clickbanking swaps. You’ll learn how to post classified ads on places such as Warrior Forum, what to promote in the classified ads, and how to build your list by giving away free ebooks.

There is also a 30-day traffic course which covers various traffic generation methods. I’m sure you’ll find something new in them; I know I did. There are some insider traffic methods that you probably never thought of, such as how to use Facebook groups and forum marketing the right way (hint: It’s not the way everyone else is doing it), different ways to monetize Youtube videos, and so on. I promise that this isn’t just the same old “post on Twitter, post on Pinterest, post on Google Plus, post in Facebook groups, post on forums, blah blah blah type of thing” — there are real new methods here. 

There are also eight bonus videos called “6 Figure Blogging Shortcuts.”

digital elites system reviewThe Done-For-You System

When you join The Digital Elites, you’ll get a done-for-you email marketing system at no extra cost.

All you’ll need is an Aweber or GetResponse account, a Clickbank account, and an account for a tracking tool called ClickMagic (costs around $12/month and has a free 14-day trial).

Chuck will then set up for you the following:

  • A landing page which you can use to build your list
  • After signing up, subscribers will be taken to a sales page (you’ll earn 50 percent commissions)
  • Chuck will set up a free 30-day email followup which promotes affiliate offers that YOU earn commissions for (these emails come from your Aweber or GetResponse account)
  • Chuck will also send your subscribers regular emails from his email account. The emails that are sent to people who subscribed through you have YOUR Clickbank affiliate ID embedded so that YOU earn commissions (piggyback on his experience and authority)
  • Through the guaranteed sales program, you are guaranteed at least one affiliate sale through the done-for-you system within 60 days! Meaning, Chuck will put your affiliate link through the rotator until you get a sale

So this is a really cool thing you’re getting at no extra cost — the only cost you’ll need is for the tracking tool.

All you need to do is send traffic to your landing page (covered extensively in the training), and if you want, you can order high-quality traffic through Chuck himself.

The Facebook Group

There is an exclusive Facebook group that only The Digital Elites members have access to. You can get help from Chuck and other members.

In addition, there are regular live training videos in the Facebook group. You’ll find some recorded episodes in the training area — for example, there is a 3-part series that walks you through how Chuck promotes a product through doing Youtube, a blog post, a Warrior Forum classified ads review, a free ebook giveway, and more.

The Update

The Digital Elites has been updated and rebranded. It is now called Earn Easy Commissions.

Here are some updates:

  1. There is a free version. Using this free version, you can earn $1 for referring other members to the free version, no selling required. You are capped at 50 referrals.
  2. The free version also lets you use a free squeeze page to build your list. People who subscribe through your squeeze page will also be sent emails by Chuck promoting the Earn Easy Commissions Pro version system using YOUR affiliate link. You will earn $100 for every member that upgrades to the paid version. However, you need to sign up to Get Response and ClickMagick.
  3. The free version includes a few traffic training videos for free and paid methods.
  4. The paid version costs $197. It includes 20+ courses and products.
  5. The paid version also lets you earn more commissions. You can earn unlimited $1 commissions for free referrals. When you refer members to the free Earn Easy Commissions system, they will be recommended certain products and tools throughout the training, and if they buy them, you will earn commissions on those as well. These products are Get Response, ClickMagick, Udimi, a bitcoin program (you have to pay extra in order to earn commissions on this), and Wealthy Affiliate. As of now, there is also personal coaching and a guaranteed bonus sale, as before.

So, Is The Digital Elites Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

The Digital Elites by Chuck Nguyen is definitely legit. It costs $7 for a seven-day trial, so it is well worth your time checking out. After that, it will cost $47/month. Definitely worth it for at least the first month – there are literally hours upon hours of high-quality training with some really in-depth “inside” tips and advice. You can also use the done-for-you system to make commissions — Chuck will do the email writing and sending, and all you need it to send traffic, which is well covered in the training videos and the 30-day traffic course. With the guaranteed sale, you have nothing to lose. 

If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing, I recommend signing up with Affilorama’s free training service.




  1. gail

    Hi Ben
    Thanks for posting this review. I don’t know much about building email lists for my website so this looks as if it could help me as it is something I need to do rather than just lose the people that visit. The 7 days for $7 sounds appealing too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Gail,

      Remember to read the update 😉 There is now a free option so you don’t have to pay $7 anymore.

      All the best,


  2. Deep

    Great review, and very helpful this sounds like a good training course for learning online marketing, but is it ideal for beginners to start with?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Deep,

      Most of these programs promise that they’re “newbie friendly,” and I’m usually hesitant to agree with them because most of them simply aren’t.

      The Digital Elites, though, I think is different. As long as you have some basic knowledge in how affiliate marketing works, you should be fine. There is enough traffic generation training and email marketing training that even beginners should be able to do this, as beginners will definitely find the done-for-you system useful, as it saves you the effort of creating a landing page and writing emails.

      All the best!

  3. Irma

    Wow! As someone who is just getting into email marketing, not only did I understand everything that you said in your post, I understood how this program could help me. If my site is not earning much right now, do you suggest I wait until it is, or dive in now with the hopes that it will help me recover the $47 a month very soon? It looks like a great program.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hey Irma,

      Good question. The answer is definitely yes.

      Remember that there are two parts of this coaching program: 1. The training videos 2. The done-for-you system.

      The training videos will definitely benefit you right away — and remember that you can cancel at any time. You can cancel after your first month; heck, if you manage to go through all 60+ videos during the first seven days it will only cost you $7.

      The done-for-you system will require that you stay on as a monthly member. For that, I say first join, then see how it goes. There is a guaranteed sale, which should cover one-half of your monthly costs. Get another sale and you’ll be fully reimbursed (remember, the main product being promoted in the done-for-you system is The Digital Elites itself, and you earn 50 percent recurring commissions as an affiliate. So just two recurring commissions a month is enough to cover your costs).

      Hope this helps!


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