The Great Empower Network Ripoff-Run For Your Life!

Do you want to really find out what empower network is? I’ll tell you! It’s a big ripoff! Don’t fall for this Dis-empower Network Scam!

Empower Network Ripoff


What Is This Empower Network? How Does It Work?

Here’s the basic idea behind Empower Network: You pay for the membership so that you can earn commissions by getting other people to sign up to Empower Network (who in turn earn commissions by getting other people to sign up…who in turn earn commissions by getting other people to sign up…and so on and so forth).

So, if you were wondering, “Is Empower Network a pyramid scheme?”, the answer is YES.

Wait, is that all? Aren’t pyramid schemes illegal? What’s going on here?

Well, first of all, that’s exactly the reason why the owner and his ex-partner (who stepped down because of a sickness) run this thing off of their nice and cozy dark and slimy bat caves in Costa Rica.

But that’s besides the point. Empower Network tries to cloak its clear pyramid scheme agenda by pretending to offer you “products” for your $25-$5,000 that you’re paying for their membership. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, let’s briefly explore the Dis-empower network’s “products” and their costs.

Empower Network Costs

The empower network, which does anything but empower you, offers a series of membership levels.

  1. Basic blogging. This costs $25/mo and offers you not much more than a blog on an empower network domain, which is owned not by you, but by Big Brother Empower Network. Why It’s A Scam: You can get this for absolutely free. You can get a blog on a Blogspot, WordPress or Siterubix domain for zero dollars.
  2. Inner Circle. $100/mo. Called that way to conjure up some image of VIP, but it’s required if you want some training on how to actually market Empower Network.
  3. Costa Rica Exclusive, $500 one time payment. A series of videos on how to promote Empower Network.
  4. $15K Formula System, one-time payment of $1,000. Same as above.
  5. Masters Retreat, one-time payment of $3,500 for videos taken in the above-mentioned bat caves in Costa Rica.

Why These Are Scams: Ya Kidding Me??!!? $5,000 plus $125/mo for some internet marketing training?? You can get much more sophisticated and up-to-date training for a tiny fraction of that price!

Oh, and there’s more… a $19.99/mo processing fee if you want to get paid for your commissionsWhy This Is A Scam: No legitimate affiliate program charges you for bringing them business. But, of course, they do need their own payment system because legitimate financial institutions (PayPal, Visa) won’t touch this slime with a ten-foot pole.

What You Are Really Paying For

In reality, you are buying these overly-priced videos for one reason, and one reason only: So that you can earn commissions from people you refer to Empower Network who will also buy these videos. You see, you can not earn commissions unless you buy these products yourself (again, unheard of in all legitimate affiliate programs). If you only pay $25+$19.99/mo, you can only earn commissions on the $25 membership. You’ll need to pay for the $3,500 membership in order to earn commissions on that.

Empower Network Ripoff

The Greedy People of Empower Network

Your sponsor will likely pressure you to go “all in,” to upgrade, as “that will ensure your financial future.” In reality, he just wants your money to fly straight from your almost empty wallet to his bulging pockets.

How Commissions Work At Empower Network

In almost all membership prices, you get 100% of what your referrals pay you — except for your 2nd, 4th, 6th sale and every fifth sale thereafter, which goes up to your sponsor.

When your referral starts referring new people, you will also earn every 2nd, 4th, etc sale that they make.

(On the $3,500, the commissions are only $3000 each.)

So, your sponsor HAS to pressure you to upgrade and pay more money. That’s the only way they are going to make any money out of this.

And so, you, as well, will have to pressure your referrals to upgrade, because that’s the only way YOU are going to make money.

No matter if the people being pressured can’t afford it! No matter that this is a huge ripoff! No matter that the training that the one being pressured receives is probably not adequate for them to start effectively marketing Empower Network!

No matter! Because that’s the only way to make money through Empower Network.

But, What’s The Problem? In The End, Everyone Is Earning! In The End, Everybody Gains!

Wrong. Most people will not become effective internet marketers because that requires a lot of skills, work, training, and resources that Empower Network does not adequately provide.

In fact, the only people making the most money are the owners and the privileged few who got in at the beginning, those at the top of the pyramid.

Conclusion: Stay Far Away! It Can’t Be True!

Can it really be true? No! You don’t want to get messed up in this scam. You don’t want to mess up other hapless people and bamboozle their hard earned savings.

You’ll be pressured to upgrade so that your sponsor will earn. If you have no sponsor, and you signed up directly on their website, the money goes straight to the Monster-In-Chief, David Monster, Empower Network Owner.

You’ll pressure others to pay for overpriced items so you will earn.

There are other problems as well. Many people have had difficulties getting their money back through their “refund” policy, and others could not even cancel their subscriptions, so they had to cancel their credit cards.

Stay far away. Do not touch this slime with a ten-foot pole. You will only have yourself to thank.

There are other places that teach you how to make money online through affiliate marketing, at a tiny fraction of the price. Read More

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  1. Glen

    I am a former member of Empower Network, but didn’t stick around long enough to lose much money. I just never went past the first step.

    EN is all about personal development. They offer “upsells” to more expensive training. But in the world of personal development in the corporate/industrial settings, PD seminars/workshops are or can be a lot more expensive than what EN is charging. American Management Association charges almost $1,000 a day to attend some of their workshops. I attended a 3-day executive seminar at the University of Virginia, Business Graduate School that cost about $10K. My employer picked up the tab, fortunately.

    The bottom line is that when it comes to personal development training, there are lots of different price points. Prices depend on quality and prestige of the program, trainers, and guest speakers.

    Consequently, prices alone do not determine whether a product or service is a scam. I never attended any of the high-end seminars Empower Network offers. So there is no way to evaluate the quality of what they provide compared to what I have experienced in private industry.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Glen,

      That is not accurate. There is a MAJOR difference between real OFFLINE courses and workshops, where you get a real certificate or diploma from the college, university, or association that creates the course. With this diploma, you can enter the work force and hopefully get a job that more than pays back for what you paid for the course. With Empower Network, on the other hand, their videos are useless if you are looking for a real job. You can watch their videos ten thousand times and nobody will offer you a job because of that. All they offer is information on how to be a successful online marketer, how to get your website ranked on Google through SEO, and so on. Much of this information can be found either for free or for much cheaper.

      All the best,


  2. Joe Kernan

    I’ve been ripped off by this type of site once before…but only once. Thanks to sites like this, I know that I can check them out before I leave any money, or even my email address.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for taking the time and commenting. Yes, not only should you not give these people your credit card information, you should not even give them your email address (unless you have an extra email address just for spammy stuff). Your inbox will be filled with spam messages all day.

      Thanks for your kind words,

  3. Loved this

    This article is titled very well. Empower Network is a RIPOFF! I can’t believe you need to pay that much and I can’t believe how obvious of a scam this is. It is so crazy and selfish for this company to be doing this to people that work hard for the money that they have. So selfish! I am glad you are helping people steer clear of this mess.

    1. Ben (Post author)


      Yes, Empower Network is extremely overpriced. It is hard to believe any sane person will fall for it. The way they succeed is by pulling people in slowly, little by little. First, they charge “only” $25 a month, and then, once you already spent money, they tell you that you must pay more if you really want to succeed in online business. Becuase you do not want to admit that you have been fooled, you will end up paying more and more.

  4. Uwais


    When I read the post I felt like you an activists that protesting against this pyramid scheme. I like the way you like NO! No! NO! NO!. This definitely will make me NOT join this network, Very impressive, influential, informative and cautionary posts. Keep up the good work in keeping people away from scammers.

    Regards, Uwais

  5. Pj Lucas

    Wow, this is serious stuff. I was previously talking to someone I met on Twitter who sent me to their FaceBook page to continue the conversation. It is a bit exasperating when they will not tell you exactly what they do and how they sell products and services first.. the vagueness totally turns me off.. Why would anyone want to do business like this or with someone who runs it that way? Thank you for the warning and direction to steer clear.. I WILL!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Sadly :~( this is exactly how scammers work. Since nobody in their right mind would pay for something that isn’t worth it, they play know-it-all bragger on you and boast about how much money $$$ they make, preying on desperate people who’ll put in that first $25 (+100 + etc) or whatever the amount because they have no other hope.


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