The “OK”

Here is a list of “OK” program reviews. Please, do note that I do not necessarily recommend these programs. Please read each review individually to decide if it is for you. Many of these programs are legit but are a total waste of time in my opinion. Earning just a couple of dollars an hour is typical here.

  • American Consumer Opinion — Take surveys and earn money.
  • Analysia – Get paid $10 to test websites. Nice idea, but the site isn’t really active.
  •  Article Sale – Allows you to sell articles. Nice idea, but the site seriously lacks traffic.
  • Ask GFK – Do surveys to earn prize rewards.
  • BuyKeywordArticles – A content mill.
  • Cash2Likes — Get paid to like Facebook pages. Site seems abandoned.
  • CashCrate — Earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, and doing tasks.
  • Clear Voice Surveys – Get paid to answer surveys. Hard to qualify for surveys and it takes a long time for points to get approved. Payout is through a Payoneer Mastercard.
  • Clixsense – Make money by taking surveys, clicking on ads, and completing offers. Pay is very low, and payouts are made after $8 are earned.
  • CopyPress — A community of freelance writers and editors.
  • ePoll Surveys — Earn some extra cash by taking surveys.
  • Freebies Frenzy — A site that offers surveys, coupons, and a few new free products each week.
  • FullWriter – A content mill. The site seriously lacks traffic.
  • Fusion Cash – Get paid to take surveys, read emails, complete offers, watch videos and more.
  • GetPaidToLikeAndFollow — Get paid to like Facebook pages, follow people on Twitter, and visit websites. Site seems abandoned.
  • Greenlight Articles – A content mill. Also offers cheap spun content.
  • Guru — A freelancer platform where you can find freelance jobs.
  • HireWriters — Sign up as a writer and get paid to write articles. Very low pay. Only available is select countries.
  • Inbox Dollars – Get paid to read emails, answer surveys, follow up on offers, and more. Hard to make any money.
  • InstantGC — Earn cash and gift cards for doing stuff like taking surveys, clicking on ads, watching videos, and more.
  • iSurveyWorld – Online surveys for money.
  • iWriter – Write articles and get paid weekly. Low pay and high rejection rates. 4.5+ star writers can earn $8+ for a 500-word post. The first 25 articles you write are for around half a cent per word.
  • Mintvine – Get paid to answer surveys, do the daily poll, and more. Payouts are $10 and you get 5 or 30 cents if you are disqualified from their surveys (not their partner surveys).
  • mTurk – Get paid to do small tasks. Extremely low pay.
  • MySurvey – Get paid to answer surveys. Not at all easy to qualify. Payout start at around $12.
  • Opinion Outpost – Get paid to answer surveys. Better than other survey sites.
  • Outsource – Apply for freelance jobs listed on their website. It’s not listed in The Good because you must pay a high price to apply for jobs for which you have only a small chance of being hired.
  • Paid For Research — A website that really is a front to get you to sign up to 35 survey sites at once.
  • PeoplePerHour — A freelancer platform where you can find freelance jobs.
  • Postloop – Get paid to post on forums and blogs. Around .8 cents (that’s less than a cent!) per post.
  • Product Report Card – Get paid to answer surveys. Get paid 10 cents if disqualified from a survey. Payout is $25, but you can earn around $8 by signing up and filling out your profile.
  • SaySo4Profit — a site that mainly leads you to other “make money online” sites, especially online survey sites. However, they do have some of their own surveys.
  • SendEarnings — This site is a copy of Inbox Dollars, see above.
  • ShortTask – Crowdsource jobs.
  • Survey Club — A site that offers limited surveys for extremely low pay. A lot of the surveys are really just opportunities to sign up to other survey sites.
  • Survey Spot – Same as Opinion Outpost but pays less.
  • Survey Voices — A site that just leads you to other survey sites.
  • Swagbucks – Get paid to answer surveys, complete offers, search the web, and more. Very low pay and hard to qualify for surveys.
  • Vindale Research – Get paid to answer surveys. Extremely hard to get anything done there.
  • VIP Voice — Take surveys and get a chance to earn prizes.
  • — Collection of writing jobs and resources.




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