Three Spammy SEO Tactics to Avoid


Stop! Don’t employ these SEO tactics. They’re spammy!

When website owners search for ways on how to improve their Google rankings, they are often assaulted with a load of information about what should be done for search engine optimization (the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks high in Google’s etc search results) and what shouldn’t be done. However, much of this information is outdated, and could actually drive a website down the drain. Although these methods used to work, recent Google updates have made them irrelevant. Here are 3 SEO tactics that you should stay away from.

  1. Keyword stuffing. In Google’s early days, SEO revolved, for the most part, around how many times a keyword was mentioned on a web page. People used to insert keywords whenever possible, and the results were awkward and quite senseless articles. However, Google has gotten smarter, and if a certain keyword is overused, Google will mark that website as spam, and it will be demoted in the search results.
  2. Link building. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous SEO companies still employ this method, which involves setting up websites with the sole purpose of creating thousands of links to other websites. The point in this is that Google used to rate a site’s popularity based on how many websites link to it. Although this may help in the very short-term, websites which engage in such tactics are quickly blacklisted by Google.
  3. Cloaking. This involves inserting certain things, such as extra keywords, in the HTML part of a web page, so that only the search engines will notice it, but not regular visitors. However, Google will penalize such a website for serving different results to its readers and the search engines.

As you can see, one must always be on top of the latest SEO trends, and choosing the right company for your SEO needs is crucial.

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  1. Boogi918

    Even though I am new to the world of SEO. I am glad this site gives a very definite answer on stuffing keywords and how it will do you absolutely no good for your post and pages if you do that.. I think the relevance in your post and the relativity in it rings louder when you are writing with a cause. Find a niche that you can easily navigate thru. It makes sense for your audience and it most definitely makes sense for you.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, stuffing keywords is strongly discouraged. Instead, concentrate on quality content, including images and video.


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