TinyPNG Review — Use This Free Tool To Speed Up Your Website

tinypng reviewWant to make your website load faster? In this TinyPNG review, you’ll discover how to speed up your website, which will result in more visitors and higher rankings.

Why Website Speed Is Important

If your page loads slowly, people will get turned off. Nobody will sit around waiting for a website to load; they’ll just go back to the search results and find a new website to read. I can tell you from my personal experience that I hate slow-loading websites.

In addition, faster websites get higher search engine rankings; Google doesn’t like websites that will give people a bad experience.

How Optimizing Your Images Will Speed Up Your Site

Using images is important, because Google values high-quality content. However, images that have large file sizes will slow down your site. To prevent this from happening, you can reduce the image’s file size without any effect on an image’s quality.

How to Use TinyPNG to Optimize Your Images

TinyPNG is a website that is very useful and that I use all the time. Just upload any image, and it will reduce its file size. Your image will look exactly the same; it just takes away unnecessary pixels and stuff like that (too technical for me to understand). Take a look at the screenshot below. I uploaded a screenshot, and it reduced it by 65 percent. That’s a lot! It was originally 235 KB, and it was reduced to just 81 KB. Other times, I have gotten files reduced by around 75 percent.

tinypng review

You can upload and reduce both PNG and JPEG images.

Is There a WordPress Plugin For This?

TinyPNG does have a WordPress plugin, which is called Compress JPEG & PNG Images (by TinyPNG). However, when I tried to use it, I was given an API code to use, and an error message came up. That might have something to do with my host, though. In addition, you will have to register an account, and free accounts are limited in the number of images you can compress per month. I’d rather spend some time manually uploading images than be limited :).

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that will automatically optimize your images upon uploading them, I would recommend WP Smush. It’s free, and it also lets you bulk-optimize previously uploaded images. However, it doesn’t reduce your file size as much as TinyPNG does.

So, Should You Use TinyPNG? Can It Really Be True?

I use TinyPNG before uploading any image to my website. It may seem like a small deal, but it does matter, especially for slow internet connections. In addition, images that you have on your website can affect the general performance and speed of your entire website, so these things do add up. I highly recommend that you use this free tool. In addition, make sure to check out my Long Tail Pro review — keyword research is just as important for good rankings!

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