Uento App Review — Earn Extra Money in Your Free Time

uento reviewThere are many apps that let you earn some extra money on your smartphone. Some, however, are better than others. One app that I like in particular is called Uento. It’s an Android app that pays you for completing offers. Read this Uento review to find out more.

How to Make Money With Uento

The main way of making money with Uento is by completing offers. These offers vary: They can be just downloading other apps, signing up for a free trial service, completing a survey, or even making a small purchase. Most offers, however, are just downloading other apps.

Not all app downloads will be the same: Some might require you to keep the app for a week or two in order to get your points. Some might even require you to achieve certain accomplishments in those other apps, like reaching certain levels in a game. These offers will pay more than the others. There are also surveys from Peanut Labs.

Now, there are many similar apps that pay you for completing offers and downloading other apps. One very popular one that I recently reviewed is called Feature Points. So why do I like Uento so much?

The first reason is simply because there are so many offers available. Feature Points might have just a few offers a day. Uento, on the other hand, has around 13 different offer walls, with various offers on each wall. So there’s almost always a way for you to make money. The second has to do with the low payout requirement, as you’ll soon see.

uento app reviewOther Ways of Making Money With Uento

Other ways of earning with Uento include referring friends, playing games, and through enabling lockscreen ads.

Their referral program has a two-tiered level system. For your direct referrals, you will earn two points every time they complete a new offer and install an app. For your second level referrals (meaning people that your referrals referred), you’ll earn only one point every time they complete a new offer. However, you have to reach level 20 in order to be able to refer friends. Levels are reached by earning points.

The games are scratch games, spinning games, and contests. You can earn a lot of bonus points by winning, but you might need to spend some of your existing points on these games, so it’s a sort of gamble.

You can also get bonus points every day just by showing up and claiming them.

The lockscreen can be enabled in the settings area. I enabled it, but it didn’t seem to work — no ads ever showed up. You can use another lockscreen app instead, such as SlideJoy.

How to Get Paid by Uento

You can get paid in several ways: Paypal, a Facebook eGame gift card, and a Prepaid Virtual Visa gift card. For the Facebook and Visa gift cards, you need at least $10 (a thousand points) to cash out. However, you can cash out to Paypal when you have just $2.50, or 250 points.

That’s another reason why I like Uento so much. 250 points is very easy to get; in fact, some offers pay you more than 250 points by themselves.

So, Is Uento Legit? Can It Really Be True?

Uento is completely legit and is a great way to earn extra money in your spare time. If you’re wasting time on your phone watching videos or browsing the news or forums, you might as well earn an extra few dollars here and there.\

Uento also has a great general rating on Google Play (4 stars). The app administrators have also been very responsive to the negative reviews, which shows that they value their users and their business.

As I said, I like Uento better than its competitors because of its low payout minimum and the vast amount of offers it has at any given time.

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