Wealthy Affiliate Review — How to Build an Online Business

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review. Here, we will be exploring whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is legit, whether it lives up to its expectations, if it is really free, and more. We will also explain why so many websites seem to be promoting it, and what does that show us.

Wealthy Affiliate — Your #1 Stop For Building an Online Business

What Wealthy Affiliate basically is: It’s a platform that’s dedicated to helping the average person without any prior skills and experience create an online business. They provide training, tools, and support.

Now, there are many forms of online businesses: Amazon selling, eBay selling, digital product creation, drop shipping, and much more. However, these can be very complicated and hard to start. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate focuses on an easy type of online business — affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote other people’s products online. All you need is a website and you can then direct visitors to the products. You get paid for doing that.

Wealthy Affiliate basically teaches you how to set up your website, find products to promote, get visitors, and gives you tools to succeed. If you want to understand more how this process works, watch the video below:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Free?

Is Wealthy Affiliate really free to join? Why would they create it for free? The answer is that yes, it is free to join and start out. You can remain a free member for as long as you want, and you get to keep your free websites for as long as you want. However, there is also a premium membership that gives you much more tools, training, and support. However, you don’t have to upgrade to premium unless you feel ready to do so.

Why Do So Many People Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s a complaint I see so many times: “Whenever I try to read a review about an online company, I always end up on a website that is promoting Wealthy Affiliate! Do all these people work for Wealthy Affiliate?”

The answer is no, they don’t work for Wealthy Affiliate. However, they do affiliate marketing — which is exactly what I explained above, promoting other people’s products. You can promote whoever you want: Amazon’s products, Walmart’s products, eBay’s products, or even Wealthy Affiliate. These people have decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

The fact that you always end up on a website that promotes Wealthy Affiliate just means that the training and methods they teach you really work. That’s why you don’t end up on a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s competition because they don’t work.

Here are some testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members:


Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Should you join Wealthy Affiliate? Well, if you have some extra time on your hand and are looking for something to do, then building an online business is a great idea to do in your free time. If you are looking to build up some income on the side, it is also a good idea. And finally, I have found that building an online business actually is quite fun.