Wealthy Affiliate Vs Affilorama Review — Which One Is the Better Choice?

wealthy affiliate vs affilorama reviewWealthy Affiliate or Affilorama? That’s the question many people who are interested in starting out in making money online have. Which one of these programs is better? Which one should you join? In this Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama review, I will compare both of the programs and help you decide which one is for you.

First, I want to start out by saying that I am a member of both sites. I am also an affiliate for both sites, so I’m not trying to push one site over the other. I’m going to give an unbiased full overview of the differences between these two competitors.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama — Is There a Yes/No Answer?

There’s no clear answer of which is better. This is because Affilorama has a number of products, and you have to compare each product independently. So that’s what I will be doing. First, I will compare the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate to Affilorama’s free membership. Then, I will compare Wealthy Affiliate Premium, first to Affilorama Premium and then to AffiloBlueprint. I will then explain what AffiloJetpack is and how it compares to Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s begin.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama — The Free Membership Options

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama have a free membership. They both have flaws, but since they are free, you can’t really complain.

Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate has a lifetime free membership option, which is one of its main selling points. However, I must admit that the free membership is so very limited that it doesn’t offer much value. Its main purpose is to upsell members to upgrade to premium.

It has a total of 10 lessons, which are all very basic and have to do with understanding the process of making money online and setting up your free Wealthy Affiliate website. That’s really where it all stops. You can get this information by just doing a Google search. A newbie to affiliate marketing will never get anywhere with just having these 10 lessons. Like I mentioned, the purpose of these lessons is to get you started so you want to upgrade to premium.

The free membership does offer two free websites, another Wealthy Affiliate talking point, but again, you are extremely limited here. You can’t install new plugins, they are on a sub-domain, you get no support, and I don’t even think that you can add affiliate links to them. You might as well get a free WordPress website from WordPress.com or even a BlogSpot website.

There is one valuable thing that Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership does offer: The ability to ask questions and get help easily from other members. This is really great, and the community is really helpful towards new members without just trying to upsell them.

Affilorama: Affilorama also has a lifetime free membership, which has 94 free lessons. That’s a lot more than Wealthy Affiliate, and the lessons cover all aspects of internet marketing, from starting out to email marketing to PPC. The problem over here is that the lessons haven’t been updated much since they were made. A lot of the methods are outdated and don’t work. Old methods such as link building, using PLR articles, and article directories are still taught. Some of the tools and websites they reference to in the lessons don’t even exist anymore or have changed drastically.

Now, a lot of the free lessons still have valuable information. If you know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to skip the lessons that have outdated information. But if you are a newbie, I can’t recommend this to you, because you are liable to get confused and try out the old methods, which will ruin your site and really hurt your success.

With Affilorama, you can usually leave a comment at the end of each lesson and someone from Affilorama’s staff will get back to you. You can also leave comments and questions on the Affilorama forum, which, although not as active as Wealthy Affiliate, still is somewhat active.

Affilorama will also give you free access to AffiloTools. The tools aren’t that great, but they are still useful. The keyword tool is not as accurate as I would like it to be, but it’s still a great free keyword tool. There is also a tool to track your rankings for keywords, track your site’s health, a backlink tool, and more.

There are a few more differences between the two free memberships: Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t allow you to go back from premium to free. If you upgrade to premium and then cancel your membership, you are locked out of Wealthy Affiliate entirely until you pay again. Like I said, the point of the free membership is to get you to upgrade. With Affilorama, you can upgrade to premium and cancel and still have access to the free videos. Affilorama also lets you download the videos.

Who’s the Winner? They both have flaws. Since they both cost zero dollars, you can’t complain. However, Affilorama’s free membership is definitely the winner here. They have much more lessons. Some are outdated, but you can either do a quick Google search to find out if it is outdated or see if you spot any clues in the comments area. You also get free access to a keyword tool.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Vs Affilorama Premium

When it comes to Affilorama Premium, it’s another story. I don’t even know why Affilorama Premium exists. It’s such an overpriced product. It costs $67 a month, though you can try it out for 30 days for only $1.

There aren’t much more training videos that you’ll get by upgrading to Affilorama Premium. Besides for a couple dozen extra videos, interviews, and webinar replays, you don’t get much more than Affilorama’s free membership. You also get to download the AffiloMagazine, which is really great and has a lot of great information, but not worth paying $67 a month for.

You do get to host up to 15 websites with AffiloHost by using Affilorama Premium, but there are much better hosting options out there. You get free images with your Affilorama Premium hosting, but there are many sources on the web for free images of much higher quality, such as Pixabay.

I do like the fact that you can try it for just $1, though. To cancel your Affilorama Premium membership, you just send an email to them by using their contact form.

Who’s the Winner? Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the winner here. It’s much cheaper and has a lot more to offer. I didn’t yet get into what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, but I will in the next section.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium vs AffiloBlueprint

Now we get into Wealthy Affiliate Premium vs AffiloBlueprint. Here’s where it gets tricky. Both offer step-by-step training on how to start an online business. Let’s examine the differences.

AffiloBlueprint costs a one-time fee of $197. It has 91 lessons, which take you through, step-by-step, how to build an online business. Both videos and PDF versions of the lessons are included. Support is offered via a private members forum, where you can get help from staff and other members.

You also get one-year hosting of your website for free with your purchase. This means that besides for your domain name, which costs just around $10, you are set for an entire year with no additional costs. You can use AffiloTools, which has a keyword tool.

They also throw in free access to AffiloTheme, which lets you customize and build website designs easily. It’s a nice bonus, and usually costs $97 (though I wouldn’t buy it by itself because there are better options out there.)

A “trick” that Affilorama does is offer you a free bonus 30-day trial of Affilorama Premium. As I said, it’s not worth $67 dollars, so make sure to cancel before your second month.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium costs $49 a month, though if you upgrade within 7 days of joining, you get your first month for just $19.

Wealthy Affiliate’s core training has 50 lessons and takes you through the basics of setting up a successful affiliate marketing website. It leaves out email marketing and PPC, which are a little advanced for the beginner, but there is training available throughout Wealthy Affiliate on these subjects as well. 

There is also the “Bootcamp,” which teaches you how to set up a website and promote Wealthy Affiliate. This has 70 lessons, some of which repeats the information taught in the core training. The extra 20 lessons of the Bootcamp cover PPC.

There is also weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions. These are extremely thorough and advanced. Not only that, but you can view replays of all the weekly webinars going back to 2013. That’s a lot of information.

It doesn’t end there. Wealthy Affiliate calls itself an “Open Education Project” for a reason. Every day, members of Wealthy Affiliate are creating new tutorials and video training. These range from basic topics such as how to use WordPress to advanced training covering advanced marketing methods and tools. That’s not to mention the blogs and Q&A posts that are created every day. You can view the trending training tutorials from your homepage, get emails when someone you follow creates a training or blog or question, or look at the “classrooms” to find training. There’s also a search bar at the top where you can find training, blogs, questions, and information on any subject.

The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is for up to 25 websites, plus 25 free sub-domain websites. It’s not advanced enough to create, for example, a large e-commerce site, but it definitely is very secure, fast, protects against spam, and will fit the needs of most affiliate marketers. The SiteComments tool lets users leave comments on other people’s blogs in exchange for comments on their own, and the SiteFeedback feature does the same for feedback.

The keyword tool is really great and gives you metrics such as monthly searches, SEO and PPC competition, and more. There are other tools as well, such as link tracking tool similar to PrettyLink’s WordPress plugin.

You can get support easily by asking a question or contacting a more experienced member via private messaging. You can even contact the owners and get help from them directly, which is a big plus — Brownie Points for you, Wealthy Affiliate! There are many forums and blogs where members help each other out with social media followers, site comments, site feedback, and more.

On the other hand, you have to commit to a monthly fee. Most new students of affiliate marketing will not make enough money to cover their Wealthy Affiliate membership for many months after starting out. This causes new students to feel stress at trying to rush to make money as fast as possible to cover their membership fee. This leads to stress, burnout, and frustration.

With AffiloBlueprint, you have a one-time fee, so you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can advance at your own pace, and follow the training slowly. Hosting for a whole year is also provided.

Granted, with Wealthy Affiliate you can cancel after your first, second, or third month. You can just go through the core training and then cancel. This will actually help you save money and will cost less than AffiloBlueprint. However, the training doesn’t give you any info on how to setup a website outside of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting or how to move a website to another host, and many new members will feel lost if they have to leave.

Also, if members followed the Bootcamp and set up a site promoting Wealthy Affiliate, they will feel this stress of making money fast even more, because they can’t become a starter member again, and must remain a premium member to continue promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, you can pay for yearly membership, which costs $369. But there’s no guarantee you will be making more than that per year after your first year is up.

Why is there a monthly price? The monthly price is necessary to cover the costs of the hosting, keyword tool software, weekly webinars, and to reward members with money for creating training.

I personally like Wealthy Affiliate more, but you have to be ready for the monthly fee. Still, you can get your first month for just $19.

Who’s the Winner? There’s no simple answer. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot more information and much better and superior tools than AffiloBlueprint, as well as a more active community where it’s easy to get support. The monthly cost means that you can save money by going through the training and canceling after your first or second month. It also means that you might end up spending more than AffiloBlueprint in the long run.

What are your thoughts on AffiloBlueprint vs Wealthy Affiliate Premium? Please leave a comment below!

More Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate Comparisons

I’m not going to compare Wealthy Affiliate to AffiloJetpack because they are two completely different programs. I can compare apples to oranges, but not apples to penguins. Affilojetpack is a program centered around email marketing. It basically offers you pre-made websites, books to give away, and newsletters with affiliate offers built in. They then teach you how to get traffic to your websites and get people to sign up to your list, and offer one-on-one critiques of your websites, sometime from Mark Ling himself. It costs $997.

Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, through Affilorama Domains both offer domain registration. I personally get my domains from Namecheap. I never purchase domains from my hosting provider; it gives me more control that way.

Another difference is that Affilorama actually offers phone support, while Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t. On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate’s support is much better and faster. The Site Support is really fast and helpful. One more important difference: Affilorama has 60 money back guarantees for their various products, while Wealthy Affiliate does not offer refunds.

Another difference: Wealthy Affiliate is constantly being improved. The layout is pretty modern and new stuff are coming all the time. For example, they are working on introducing free SSL certificates for all websites hosted there. Affilorama looks quite oldish and appears pretty stagnant. One more important difference: Affilorama has 60 money back guarantees for their various products, while Wealthy Affiliate does not offer refunds.

I also made a quick chart of Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama. The chart is not comprehensive at all because a lot of issues are not covered.

So, Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama? Which Is Better?

Let’s recap:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama Free: Affilorama Wins
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Premium vs Affilorama Premium: Wealthy Affiliate Wins
  3. Wealthy Affiliate Premium vs AffiloBlueprint: Wealthy Affiliate wins, but there is a monthly fee.

So, what should I do? Here’s what I recommend: Sign up for a free Affilorama account, as well as a free Wealthy Affiliate account. Upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate within 7 days to get your first month for $19, and if you don’t like it cancel before your second month. You can upgrade to Affilorama Premium for $1 or purchase AffiloBlueprint after you join.

What are your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama? Leave a comment below!



  1. Dan

    I really think that if a product is still utilising outdated methods then that’s a major thumbs down. I mean, Google changes its search algorithms all the time and Internet Marketers are constantly updating and reviewing their methods for SEO etc… in line with what the major platforms are doing. If you don’t keep up to date then you get lost very quickly. I really like how you went in-depth with both. I’d tend to side with the former (Wealthy Affiliate) but that is only because I haven’t tried the other one yet. But outdated training would prevent me from doing so. It’s just a personal thing. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Dan!

      Yes, you have a point. But on the other hand, that’s what you get if you want something for free.

      Wealthy Affiliate is updated, but the free training is too limited. You’ll never get anywhere. So what’s the solution? You can do research on Google to replace the training. This is where the difference is: With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have to do research to subsitute the training that the free membership doesn’t offer, which will take lots of time. With Affilorama, the only Google research you’ll need is to find out whether or not a method is outdated. Not that hard to do.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. matts mom

    I am kind of biased as I am a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate. I love them, and yes they do have a few flaws, but the benefits definitely outweigh any downsides. Great comparison. I had never heard of Affilirama.

    1. Ben (Post author)


      Yes, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it. 🙂
      It’s okay if you’re biased, but I’m trying not to be, because I’m writing the review 😀

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jacob Schilling

    I have never heard of Affilorama, but I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. To me I think of the two I would pick Wealthy Affiliate due to the awesome website hosting service here, its incredibly cheap. I also enjoy the huge community, I love how easy it is to ask questions and get answers.

    My personal preference though, I may look into Affilorama in the future to see more and more about what it’s like.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Jacob!

      Yes, the 25 website hosting is what really makes me stay at Wealthy Affiliate (of course, besides the affiliate program!). I can create new websites and test them out without having to spend $50 on hosting. This way, if it doesn’t work out, I won’t have wasted any money on the hosting.

      Of course, the live webinars and great community, not to mention the keyword and SiteComments tool, is also what makes me stay on.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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