WebCopyCat Review – Is This “Done-For-You Business” a Scam?

webcopycat reviewWebCopyCat… 

You may have seen people promoting this system called WebCopyCat by Devon Brown that promises to give you a done-for-you make money system, even if you’re a complete newbie…

Well, I’ve purchased the product so that I can show you what WebCopyCat is really all about, and whether you can really “copy” an entire online business from scratch.

WebCopyCat — What Is It?

When I first saw WebCopyCat’s sales page (see it at webcopycat.com), I was quite dubious. I expected it to be one of those fake guru systems where they overpromise and underdeliver. When I bought it, however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Devon Brown and WebCopyCat really DO give you an entire online business you can set up and use as your own, without doing any work. The only thing you’ll need to do is send traffic, and they have that solved for you as well — they’ll arrange high-quality traffic for you.

So, before we go into what WebCopyCat is, let’s do a quick review of what you need to be successful online (this is what all the six figure earners are doing).

(Please note: If you already know what email marketing is all about, you can skip to the next section.)

  1. Create an optin page to collect email subscribers
  2. After people subscribe, take them to a product sales page
  3. If they buy, take them to a higher-priced upsell
  4. Besides taking them to a sales page, send them daily emails that promote various products, including the original product you showed them when they signed up. This way, even if they don’t buy your original product, you can still make money later on. 
  5. Rinse and repeat

The reason this works so well is that you’re locking in on the backend money. If you just send people to an affiliate link, they may or may not buy. If they don’t buy, you’ll lose them forever. If, however, you do what I just described, you’ll have a way to monetize your traffic even if they do not buy the first time around. They may buy from you 10 days from now or 100 days from now — remember, you’re sending them emails on a regular basis. In addition, when they do buy, you’ll multiply your income through upsells.

webcopycat review scamWhat WebCopyCat Gives You

WebCopyCat basically gives you everything of the above (you’ll get new ones each month):

  1. Pre-made landing pages that you can use to build your list, which integrate seamlessly with Aweber 
  2. Premade products and upsells that you show people after they opt in
  3. Prewritten emails that go for 100 days after your leads subscribe
  4. Premade products that are promoted in those follow-up emails

You will earn 50 percent commissions on each product and upsell, and you’ll get paid via Paypal twice a month.

So what else do you need? Traffic. They do that for you too! You can order high-quality traffic, and they’ll arrange the clicks and solo ads for you. If you are willing to spend even more money, you can use their guaranteed leads program, which basically gives you not clicks, but actual guaranteed leads.

So, let’s go into all of the above in more detail.

is webcopycat legit or scam

The Funnel

As mentioned, you’ll get done for you landing pages that you can use to build your list; just send traffic to the landing page link they give you.

THIS INTEGRATES WITH AWEBER; THE LEADS WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR AWEBER ACCOUNT. These leads are YOUR OWN; you will be keeping them forever even if you leave WebCopyCat. You can promote your own affiliate links for Clickbank or any other affiliate program whenever you want. 

Not only that, but the follow-up emails can be loaded automatically to your Aweber list by just tweaking a few settings. I’m experienced with Aweber, so I did it myself — they’ll have instructions on how to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, they’ll do it for you for a small fee.

In addition to having the leads in your own Aweber account, they’ll also be added to Devon Brown’s email list. He’ll send them a welcome email and around two emails every week promoting products. You’ll earn 50 percent commissions on each product. This is similar to CB Passive Income, where someone else sends emails with your own affiliate links inside.

I do want to mention that these sales funnels are missing a free giveaway. When people opt in to your list, they’re not getting a free ebook or anything; they’re just taken straight to the sales page. It’s still important to add in the first step of collecting emails before sending them to a sales page, because you get the opportunity to promote products to them in the future. However, I really would like it if they gave away a free report or ebook, as it lets you build a relationship with your list.

However, don’t despair! You can always add your own ebook to the welcome email; if you don’t have your own you can get a quality PLR ebook. In addition, they’ll get a welcome email from Devon Brown with a welcome video and a “free gift” (a few additional videos with helpful tips).

webcopycat review scamThe Products

After a lead signs up, they’ll be taken to a sales page. In addition, your leads will be promoted products in the follow-up emails.

You automatically get 50 percent commissions on each product and each upsell.

The products usually work like this:

  1. A low-ticket product that sells for around $9
  2. An upsell that sells for around $27
  3. Another upsell that sells for around $47

Each product is in the make money online niche. There’s a reason for the upsells. Upselling is an important way to increase your revenue in any business, but especially in ecommerce and internet marketing.

I want to mention that while some of the prewritten follow-up emails do promote WebCopyCat and give you 50 percent commissions on that, most do not. Most promote various other products that Devon Brown created. So don’t believe the fake reviews out there that make that claim; they obviously have not gone through the system and are just bashing WebCopyCat to promote their own products. 

Again, you will get access to a new sales funnel each and every month.


So now that you’ve saved yourself the time and effort of creating your own email marketing sales funnel, you have to send traffic to it. You can do it yourself if you are experienced, or you can have Devon Brown do it for you.

Now I haven’t tried out the traffic packages myself. I do plan on doing so in the future and updating this review. But remember that you are selling Devon Brown’s products splitting the sales of each product with him. You’re getting 50 percent commissions as an affiliate; Devon Brown gets the other half as a product owner.

Devon is an experienced internet marketer, and he HAS A VESTED INTEREST IN MAKING SURE THAT THE TRAFFIC IS HIGH QUALITY AND CONVERTS WELL, because he will be earning just like you will be earning. So I would assume that the traffic is high-quality. 

You can get solo ad clicks for a good standard price, or if you are willing to invest a nice amount of money, Devon will get not just clicks, but guaranteed leads and subscribers for you.

If you want to focus on free traffic only, there is a short course that teaches 16 ways to get free traffic.

WebCopyCat — Promote High Ticket Products

You’ve probably heard that those who make it big in internet marketing are those who promote high ticket affiliate products. This is also true if you are an affiliate. Think about it – how much do you want to earn per affiliate sale: $25 or $1,000?

It’s true that high-ticket products are harder to convert, but if you get the right people and the right traffic, it isn’t as hard as you think.

Anyway, so if you are a web copycat member, they’ve hooked you up with 3 high-ticket products that you can promote. You’ll be automatically approved in JVZoo, and then you just add your JVZoo ID to the WebCopyCat system and use their special webinar links to promote these products. You can promote them to your list or on Facebook.  Webinars are the best way to promote high ticket products. I haven’t yet promoted these products and can’t say how well they convert.

Use WebCopyCat If You Already Have a List?

If you already have a list, you can still use WebCopyCat. Just send an email promoting the WebCopyCat optin page to your list, and you’ll be able to potentially double your profits by having your subscribers on two lists at once. You’ll be able to use the prewritten emails to promote the optin pages to your list. You can create a new name and sender domain for the new list so that it appears to be a different sender. 

So, Is WebCopyCat Legit or a Scam? Can It Really Be True?

WebCopyCat is quite a cool system when you think about it. What WebCopyCat is doing is giving you an entire online business that you can use as your own. If you ever tried doing email marketing, you know how much effort and money it costs to create a high-converting landing page, write high-converting emails, and create products or find affiliate products to promote. Here, it is all done for you.

Sure, you can do it all by yourself, but it will take a lot more time and will cost you a lot more money. This is a great way to skip all of that and do it the easy way. All you really need to do is sign up and order traffic — the rest is really done for you. I don’t see why a newbie can’t do this.

Grab Your Chance to Test-Drive WebCopyCat for Just $1!



  1. Andrei

    Hi, Ben!

    Thanks for your review! I wanted to try WebCopycat, but I still had a few doubts that it was a scam. However, after reading your complex review I am determined to check it out. Thanks for taking time aside and sharing it with us!

  2. Manika- Nia Dixon

    It does sound too good to be true but hey if it works that is awesome. Do you have to be with a specific niche for this to work?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Manika!

      Yes, the optin pages, products and emails all focus on the ‘make money online’ niche.

      All the best,


  3. Rob

    Great info here. I find traffic is one of the hardest things to get to your website/online business so I am extremely happy a program like this exists where they will get the traffic for you. I have not looked into email marketing but it sounds promising. I am a little bit of a newbie with the whole online marketing. But I would definitely like to try something like this in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Rob!

      Yes, traffic is basically the cornerstone of any online business. It’s impossible to make money without it. To get traffic, you can invest lots of time and patience by doing blogging and Youtube, OR you can do it the quick way and just buy solo ads to build your list. However, it’s still a great challenge to find good solo ad vendors, so it’s always helpful to have a place to order traffic from that you trust!

      Again, I haven’t yet tried out his traffic packages, but I have good reason to believe that it works. After all, the products you’re promoting are Devon Brown’s, and you’re splitting the profits 50/50… Plus, you can always get the guaranteed leads traffic. Devon is an experienced marketer, WebCopyCat has made thousands of sales according to JVZoo, and I think you can trust him.

      All the best!


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