Website Conversion Optimization Tips

The most frustrating thing for website owners is when their website is not producing any conversions. When that happens, it is time to web site conversion optimization tipstake a closer look at your website and see if you possibly missed anything. Here are some tips for your website conversion optimization strategy.

Test Your Website

Although your website may look okay to you, you don’t really know how other people will react when visiting your website. For example, since you are probably only working on your desktop, you do not know how your website will appear on a tablet or smartphone. Since more and more people are going mobile, it would make sense to test out your website on all possible platforms. Keep in mind that a call-to-action on a sidebar may be at the bottom of the page on mobile devices. You can also use a usability testing platform to see how other people interact with your website.

Have Clear Call-To-Actions

You should always keep your call-to-actions as clear and simple as possible. Always display clearly your offer, whether that is a “Learn More” link or something else.

Optimize Your About Us Page

Before people follow up on your offers, they may want to learn more about you. Without gaining your visitors’ trust, it is harder to get them to purchase your services. Although you probably already have an “About Us” page, it may not be fully optimized. Make sure that your visitors can spot the “About Us” page easily.

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