What Is Analysia Website Testing?

Analysia website testing officially allows website owners to “test” their website by having people visit their website and recording their screen and voice to see their reaction to their website.analysia review

Analysia claims to be a middle-man between the website owners and the testers, and will pay anyone with a microphone $10 for a 15-20 minute test.

Analysia claims to offer 2-4 tests per month for each tester.

I did notice that whoever wrote their website clearly can not speak a proper English – there are many grammatical mistakes and even some spelling mistakes. While it is understandable that the owner may not live in the US, it strikes me as strange that they couldn’t hire someone to do it for them.

I also was not required to take a sample test or even confirm my email address upon signing up.

They said that they will send me a notification whenever a test is available. If and when that happens, I will update this page. UPDATE: After many months, I still have not received any emails from them.

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