Why a Website is Better than Facebook — Why a Website is Important

why a website is better than facebookWhy have a website? Is a website better than Facebook? Why is it important to have a website?

Is a Website Better than Facebook?

There is no clear answer to that question. The truth is that it really depends on what your needs are. In many ways, having your own personal website is way more superior than simply using Facebook.

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Advantage of Personal Websites Over Facebook

Facebook is not more than a social media platform. You can create posts with pictures and videos to share with your friends, and you can connect with your friends by reading their posts and commenting on them. You can also find Facebook pages and groups that interest you.

However, there’s not much more to it than that. You are mostly limited to sharing ideas with your existing friends — it’s not a platform to get your ideas out to the world. At the same time, it’s not a place for deeper stuff — if you want to post an in-depth article expressing your opinion on a certain matter, you can not do it on Facebook.

That’s where owning a blog comes in. On a blog, you can:

  • Share your ideas with the whole world.
  • Provide in-depth information about your opinion, feelings, daily life, thoughts, ideas, or anything else you want to write about.

Some More Pros of Having a Website

  1. It’s your site. You own it. You can control what people say, and you don’t have to let nasty comments on your site if you do not want to.
  2. You can monetize your blog if you want to — it’s a way of making some extra money.
  3. In a sense, a blog is even more private than Facebook — if you don’t want the whole world to read your blog, you just don’t optimize it for the search engines. You can even hide your blog from Google if you wish, so that nobody comes across it except the people who know about it. On Facebook, anyone can chance upon your profile.
  4. You don’t have to worry about harassment and people bothering you on Facebook, etc.

Here’s Good News — You Can Have Both, and For Free

The truth is that you can have both Facebook and a personal blog. You can use Facebook for connecting with friends, and you can use your blog to blog about your hobby — for example, if you love photography, you can post galleries of your images on your blog.


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  1. Sonia

    Hi Ben,

    If you are looking to build a business, a website is a must! You can use the social media such as Facebook to drive traffic to your site by posting links to your recent blogs if you want to. Or you can place ads on Facebook to drive traffic to your site.

    What do you think of the idea of making a Facebook page for your business or interest as well as having a website? Is it a good idea to have both?



    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Sonia,

      Yes, having a Facebook page for your business, besides for your website, is very much recommended!

      And remember, your business’s Facebook page is entirely separate from your personal Facebook profile.

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    very clever article on getting your own website, all you say about having your own website is true. I really am not a big fan of facebook, I have been spammed, harassed and even lately porned on facebook.

    Have your own website can be exciting, you can have followers who read your blog. You do not have to be spammed, harassed or porned if you dont wish to be. I am all for having your own website, I have two of my own and love them.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, I find it really annoying when people on Facebook keep on adding me to groups that are filled with pictures of nude girls and other adult content. I leave the groups immediately and unfriend that person, but it is a lesson learned.

  3. Dr. Baker

    Awesome comparison of having a website to facebook! I never thought of just having a website for blog purposes and to keep friends and family in the know of my activities!

    How do you go about keeping a website completely private so that it does not get indexed within google?

    Definitely worth looking into! Thanks so much for this valuable information!

    1. Ben (Post author)


      To keep a blog post private so that it does not get indexed in Google, there is an option in the All In One SEO plugin that is available to WordPress users. Or you can simply not concentrate on any keywords, in which case you probable will not get any visitors.

      There are also options of only allowing registered users to enter your site.

      All the best


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