Why Freelancers and Bloggers Should Do Data Backups

If you are a freelance writer, journalist, or blogger, you’d better start backing up your data. There is no reason to lose all of your precious articles. Data backups are extremely important, and here are just two reasons why.

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In the Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Study, conducted by Intel Corporation and the Ponemon Institute, it was found that among the 329 companies that participated in the study, 86,000 laptops were lost altogether, causing losses of $2.1 billion. Thousands of laptops get lost or even stolen, and unless data backups are done, there is no way to retrieve the lost data. If those companies would have done what was right for their company and backed up their date, their losses would have been minimal.

Ransomware and Other Viruses

Viruses are everywhere. A virus can strike any day, causing your computer to shut down and lose its data forever. Particularly troubling is the Ransomware virus. Ransomware is when hackers install a malicious virus on your computer that encrypts its data and locks the screen. Only the hackers have access to the decryption key, and they force you to pay a certain amount of money in bitcoins for them to give you back your data. Nobody is immune. The Tewksbury, Massachusetts police department was forced to pay $500 to hackers in ransom payments in order to get their data back. A hospital in Los Angeles paid 17,000 dollars to get their patient records back. If they would have backed up their data, they would not have to pay.

So do the smart thing and back up your data.

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  1. Gary

    Hey Ben,

    As a Network and PC technician for over 25 years I can not tell you how important a blog like this is.
    Data backups must be done regularly for anybody that does a lot of work on their laptops.

    My laptop stays in my office attached to a nice external monitor so I don’t fear losing it but a hard drive can easily crash and like you mentioned about viruses etc.

    If you are serious enough about the work you do, you should be just as serious about protecting it.
    Thanks for the great post and I dig your site,


    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Gary,

      Yes, even if your laptop is safe in your house, it can still get infected by Ransomware. Even hospitals and police departments have paid up ransom to Ransomware hackers because they did not do data backups. For a writer who’s income depends on their articles that they have on file, it is very important to back up your data.

      All the best,



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