Why You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Ditch Your Job and Travel the World

travel the world

A lot of people think that you need to be rich in order to travel the world. Most people work the whole year so that they can get a two-week vacation once a year or travel the world once they turn 50. But you don’t need to wait that long! The reality is that if you can afford to live comfortably at home, then you can travel the world too. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of guts. Here are the three things you’ll need.

Step 1: Income


You’ll need some sort of income stream. This doesn’t have to be passive income just yet. It can be freelance income from Upwork. You can negotiate with your employer so that you can work remotely. You can live off of your savings. You can even become a hippie and live on farms and hostels, getting free lodging in exchange for work (though you won’t be able to do the third step then).

Step 2: Budget Travel

If you want to travel the world on a long-term basis, you need to adopt a lifestyle of long-term travel. This is a lifestyle, not a two-week vacation where you splurge like there is no tomorrow! Live like a local, not in fancy hotels. Eat like a local, not in fancy tourist restaurants. Stay in each country a few months or at least a few weeks at a time, or else you’ll spend so much extra money on airfare and settling in. Choose which countries you stay in carefully! You can live like a king in Thailand or Indonesia on a fraction of what it would cost you to live like a simpleton in Paris or London or San Francisco. You can always crash at a friend’s or use couchsurfing.com to find free places to stay, but it’s not necessary. You can stay in hostels instead, which are both very cheap and are a great place to meet new friends and people of the opposite sex.

If you are working online, make sure to check out co-working spaces in the city you are going to be staying in. Coworking spaces are places where freelancers and digital nomads go to work. There is Wifi, a great atmosphere, and usually coffee and stuff, You can also network with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs. The digital nomad and coworking scene is very big in certain countries, such as Thailand (particularly Bangkok and Chiang Mai), Bali in Indonesia, and Budapest. You can also work in internet cafes, coffee shops, and in the bar or lounge of your hostel (though I would advise avoiding working in your hostel; most of the travelers will be backpackers and party travelers, and they won’t understand you. Besides, you want to keep work and fun separate.)

Step 3: Plan for Your Future

The last thing you want is to travel for 3 years and then end up back in the states broke with no job. Don’t pour all of your money in the gutter! Put away 10 to 15 percent for savings. You need both an emergency account to cover at least six months and money that you invest in stocks. You also want to invest in an online business that is either passive or can be outsourced so that eventually you have full freedom of your time. Passive income can be an email list with automated follow ups. Outsourced income can be a dropshipping business with an assistant to handle all of the shipping and returns and stuff.

All that’s left is for you to completely disregard your fear of the unknown (as in totally not give a fuck), pack your condoms (backpack, whatever), and click “book now” on that one-way ticket!

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