Will The Instant Payday Network Really Pay You Instantly?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: THE INSTANT PAYDAY NETWORK IS NOW CLOSED. THE SITE IS OFFICIALLY DOWN. The owner is promising to launch a follow-up, but hey, just ignore it — there’s no need to fall for his next scheme.


What is the Instant Payday Network? Is it really for real?

What is the instant payday network

Yeah right.


No. Find out why. Just my opinion.

What The Instant Payday Network Is And How It Works

When trying out the Instant Payday Network for the first time, the thought going through my mind was, “Oh no! Not THAT again!”

Unfortunately, there are many of these schemes around, and although they are not clear-cut scams, they are not completely honest systems, either.

In order to understand what the Instant Payday Network does and how it works, it is first necessary to understand what My Cash Freebies is.

Instant Payday Network Is Just A Front For My Cash Freebies

My Cash Freebies is one of those many companies that will pay you money for every person you refer to the system. In the case of Instant My Cash Freebies, your reward for getting someone to sign up is $20. At Double My Cash Freebies, it’s $30.

And how is My Cash Freebies making any money? Well, although it’s “free” to join My Cash Freebies, in order to actually earn referral commissions, you must achieve 1 credit. For Double My Cash Freebies, it’s two credits that you need to get. This is done by filling out and completing offers.

Some of these offers cost money; others have a free trial, which still requires you to give them your credit card number, which will be billed if you don’t cancel your free trial.

So, My Cash Freebies earns money from the businesses they “advertise”, and so they’ll pay you for every new “customer” you bring to them and the companies. Then that customer can start referring other people and so on.

So, everyone is happy. The businesses are gaining, My Cash Freebies is gaining, and you are gaining. Right?

Wrong. I don’t think this is honest at all, and I’ll explain myself in a minute, but first, let’s get back to the Instant Payday Network.

Where The Instant Payday Network Comes Into The Picture

So here’s a guy, his name is Jeff Buchanan. And going through his head are thoughts of, “Hey great! This means $$$ for me, but how do I referr people to My Cash Freebies?”

And the answer is simple: Set up a company called Instant Payday Network, promising people that they’ll be paid instantly, and just send them off to My Cash Freebies!

But that’s not all. I must admit that Jeff doesn’t leave you hanging completely. Instant Payday Network does provide SOME, VERY LIMITED training on how to start referring your own people to My Cash Freebies.

And you don’t have to send them off directly to My Cash Freebies. Once you’ve signed up to My Cash Freebies, you can coordinate your Instant Payday Network account so that you simply send people to Instant Payday Network with your special link, and from there, they will sign up to BOTH Instant My Cash Freebies AND Double My Cash Freebies, and you will get credit for both of them.

You get to kill 2 birds in one stone. (Maybe even 3, as there is also an option to send people to Empower Network as well.)


What The Instant Payday Network Is

Step 1:Sign up to Instant My Cash Freebies. Step 2: Sign up to Double My Cash Freebies….

So, if you sign up to Instant Payday Network directly on their site, Jeff Buchanan will receive a check from Cash Freebies, and if you sign up to Instant Payday Network through a website or YouTube video, the website or video owner will receive a payment from Cash Freebies.


I hope I’ve been very clear about this, but if you still haven’t caught on to the way this scheme works, just leave me a comment below and I will be glad to help you out.

Instant Payday Network Training

Now, unlike some similar companies, Jeff Buchanan does provide SOME training. He has a couple of videos on how to make websites and youtube videos. He also has some sample Craiglist ads, and maybe some more things.

BUT, this is totally inadequate in terms of actually making a consistent income from this. There are MANY people doing the same thing, promoting Instant Payday Network, and in order to really succeed at this, it will require more than that. More training, more experience, more time, and more work.

That’s Why….

That’s why I don’t recommend Instant Payday Network.

Yes, even if you are already experienced in online marketing, you already have the training, and you see this as just another thing to market.

Because think for a minute: Who are you trying to get to sign up to Instant Payday Network?

Other experienced online marketers? Probably not.

You’ll most probably be targeting desperate people who are searching for a quick way to make $$$ online.

And they will sign up, spend their hard-earned money on Cash Freebies, and then they won’t have enough knowledge to start referring other people.

They’ll be wasting their time.

For example, one of the sample Craiglist ads Jeff provides you with goes something like this:

We are looking for marketers for our business. Work part time and make XXX…

You get the picture. It’s not very honest.

So although Instant Payday Network is not a total scam, I don’t feel that the training provided is sufficient to justify getting people to possibly spend money on Cash Freebies’ offers.

Other Cons

If you are joining Instant Payday Network because you’re looking to make money online, you’re basically locking yourself into promoting the SAME THING, over and over again, EVERY DAY, the WHOLE DAY.

If you are going to start promoting things online, why not BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS?

You can promote MANY products, real products, ethical products.

If you are interested in promoting things online, you’ll need more training, experience, and time than what you will get at IPN.

A good place to learn all about online marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, it’s the best and most up to date training platform in the industry.

Read More About Wealthy Affiliate Here

So, that’s just one man’s opinion. What’s yours? Are you a member of Instant Payday Network? Leave your thoughts below!


  1. Juan

    I believe that the problem with these type of scams is that they do not appear like clear-cut scams. That is the main way that they confuse people. However, we need more people like you providing the customers with these kind of reviews that way we can make the most informative decision.

    I feel like after reading your post I will be more aware of these type of scams. But there are plenty of people out there who still fall for these crooks. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ben (Post author)


  2. G.C.Horton

    Thanks for a thorough review of Instant Payday Network. I have to agree with your final conclusion that Instant Payday Network is not recommended.

    Like you said, there are better and more ethical ways to earn money online. It boils down to whether someone wants to constantly chase after so-called opportunities and throw their money away OR build an honest to goodness online business based on ethics and proven business principles.

    It there ready to build a real business, hands down, the only place to learn is Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yeah, running after one scheme after another will only bring frustration, disappointment, and a loss of money.

      You can choose to do that, OR you can focus on a long term real, honest, solution.

  3. Bryan

    I am quite familiar with this program. The lack of training is what definitely led to suspicion for me. There are so many other programs on the market that are just like this as well. Nothing comes easy when it comes to running a business (especially an ethical business), and very few offer proper support training, and backing to their product. From my own experience though, Wealthy Affiliate’s program is top notch, and provides constant training and support. There are no promises of overnight success, just continuous learning and ever growing success that comes from hard work. It’s a phenomenal organization with which to be involved.

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Yes, there’s no reason to join Instant Payday Network. You basically just become a front for promoting My Cash Freebies.

      There’s no reason to do that. Just become an affiliate marketer, and promote whatever you’d like, as many products you’d like, on one or even many websites.

      Yes, there’s no promise of instant $$$. Affiliate marketing is a business, and requires time and effort. But there’s no way to make millions or even thousands overnight, unless you win the lottery. Or receive an inheritance from your great uncle.


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