WP Profit Builder Review — Create STUNNING Landing Pages, Drag and Drop

wp profit builderEver wondered how the pros create their beautiful landing pages? It’s easy…and all you have to do is drag and drop. Read this WP Profit Builder Review to find out how.

WP Profit Builder Review, In Short

WP Profit Builder is an add-on to WordPress that gives you over 125 pre-designed templates that you can use for landing pages. All you have to do is add your own images and text and drag and drop. Templates are designed for ebook giveaways, webinar, signup pages, thank you pages, review pages, 404 pages, contest pages and any other cause you might need.

WP Profit Builder — What It Is

WP Profit Builder is quite amazing — I was blown away when I actually tried it out. I’ve always wondered how people create the stunning landing pages that I’ve seen on the web, and I was surprised to see that many of them actually are using the templates included in WP Profit Builder.

Once you add WP Profit Builder to your WordPress site, you’ll see an option on every post and page that will allow you to turn it into a landing page.

You’ll get to choose from over 125 pre-designed templates. These templates range from extremely simple designs to advanced designs with various options such as countdown timers, popups, a variety of call-to-action buttons, webinar signups, and more.

The templates are just that — templates. If you want, you can retain the entire design of each template and just insert your own text into the buttons and other text blocks. You don’t have to do that, however. You can easily turn a template into your own unique landing page.

You can also change the fonts, colors and images. You can remove or add sections. It’s basically just a drag and drop job. Buttons, countdown timers, images, videos, text blocks — you can arrange them by dragging and dropping them and edit their appearance and size by just clicking on them.

What I like most about WP Profit Builder is that I can have a landing page up and running live on the web in a matter of minutes. I can just use one of their amazing templates and add my own text — these templates are beautifully designed, and there are templates for any need. I can always tweak my landing page later on for testing conversions rates.

Check out the demo video here:

Examples of WP Profit Builder Landing Pages

I wanted to give you some examples of the landing pages you’ll be able to build, so I I chose three of them. Two of them come by default with popups that appear when the visitors’s mouse is about to click the exit button, which will help you convert at a higher rate. Let’s take a look at some of them.

First, here’s a great page for an ebook giveaway:

wp profit builder review

All you need to do is replace the pre-written text with your own! See how powerful this landing page looks?

And here’s a beautiful landing page for a webinar signup, complete with a countdown timer and a short video preview.

wp profit builder review legit

This landing page also has a popup that appears when users are about to leave without having signed up:

wp profit builder review

Notice how it says “You’re 50 percent done!”? This is a known marketing tactics that really works to drive up conversion rates.

Lastly, here’s a great landing page that works really well for make money online opportunities (this one has a popup as well):

wp profit builder review

These types of “warning pages” convey a sense of urgency and convert at a high rate.

 WP Profit Builder Funnels

To track your conversion, you can create multiple funnels. To do that, add any landing page to a funnel.

For example, your ebook giveaway page would be the first part of the funnel, the “check your email for the confirmation link” would be the second step of the funnel, and the thank you page or download page would be further steps on the funnel. You can see your stats for each funnel, which will help you increase conversions.

WP Profit Builder

Review Summary

WP Profit Builder is a great tool that any internet marketer should have. Create stunning landing pages in minutes and catapult your conversion rates. Get on the early bird’s list now 🙂

So, Is WP Profit Builder Legit? Can It Really Be True?

I love WP Profit Builder. I think it’s a great tool that any internet marketer should have. It comes at a great and very affordable price as well. If you want to create great landing pages that have high conversion rates, then this is for you.

At the time I am writing this, Version 2.0 will be coming out in just a few days. You can get on the early bird’s list for a huge discount if you take action now!

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  1. Chris Curtiss

    Everyone searching plugin for use friendly on their website, but sometimes it was hampered there site. And Profit builder is awesome to use. Thank you for creating this it is very easy to operate.

  2. Martim fernandes Rocha

    Profit Builder plugin is very easy to use. It has a nice option to get all posts and awesome design, I love it very much.

  3. Danielle Van Der Lubbe

    This is very nice and helpful plugin i think so. I need a promo code to buy this plugin. Can it is possible about it?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Danielle,

      You don’t need any promo code. The prelaunch is tomorrow, and you’ll get a few weeks chance of getting it for more than 60 percent off. Just use the link above and enter your email on their site. Hurry! 🙂


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