Your Google Plus Marketing Guide — How to Use Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus, Google’s very own social media platform, is one social network that is often overlooked and, to a large extent, ignored by many online marketers, even those who concentrate their efforts on other social networks such asgoogle plus marketing guide Facebook and Twitter. Although Google Plus is not nearly as large and as popular as some other networks, it does have some advantages that other social networks simply do not provide. That’s besides the few hundred million people who do use Google Plus, making Google+ marketing a factor that can’t be ignored.

One advantage is the simple fact that it is owned by Google itself. Using Google Plus can increase the search engine rank of a user’s website. We’ll get to more of that later, but using Google Plus does have an impact on SEO. Another advantage of Google Plus is the make-up of its users. It’s largely used by professionals, businesses, marketers, website owners, and other serious people, as opposed to Facebook and Twitter. This allows website owners and small businesses to connect with other influencers in their niche.

Google Plus’s Affect on SEO

Google likes it when website content is shared on social media. This shows Google that content is popular and full of value. Sharing posts on Google Plus can increase that page’s web rank. In addition, sharing posts on Google Plus can help them get indexed into Google’s search results faster. All content eventually gets indexed into Google, but it may take a few days for that to happen. Sharing posts on Google Plus can speed up the process.

When shared posts are liked, this can also increase a page’s rank. And finally, shared Google plus posts can actually appear in Google’s organic search results for any given keyword.

Increase Brand Awareness on Google Plus

If you run a business, you should have a Google Plus business profile. This has many advantages, from customers being able to leave reviews on your company to having your business appear on Google Maps. Your profile should include photos of your business to make your page look appealing. Make sure to include any information about your business consumers would want to know, including phone numbers, email addresses, ways to contact customer support, street addresses, and so on.

Google Plus now provides a feature that enables users to create custom Google Plus profile URLs, instead of the default string of random numbers. You can use this to your advantage to create a URL that conforms with your brand and is easy to remember.

Sharing Your Content

This part is important. When people add you to their circles, it is because they want to be continually updated on use google plus marketingwhat you have to say. Similar to your website’s blog, your Google Plus profile should have added content on a regular basis.

The good thing about Google Plus is that it allows you, even as a business, to interact directly with your customers. You can send out information about deals and other stuff that you want the public to know. Since Google Plus allows followers to be segmented into several different circles, you can use this to your advantage by grouping different customer types into different groups. You can then share posts with one particular group only. This can be used to send out deals and promotions to a certain segment of your customers.

Some Tools To Use For Google Plus Marketing

The first thing you should do is add a social sharing plugin to your website. There are many WordPress plugins that will do this for you, such as AddThis and Sumome. These buttons appear on all of your blog posts and allow your readers to share your posts on their own Google Plus accounts directly from your website. Another tool that is useful is CircleCount. It helps you analyze activity within Google Plus.

Have some more Google+ tips for us? Have any ideas on how to use Google Plus marketing? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Kris

    Hi Ben,
    Some great advice here. I use google+ to share all of my posts for my multiple websites. I am gradually increasing my following by following others too.
    I find it a great platform and easy to use and the fact that it is run by google surely has some advantage to your rankings.
    Thanks for sharing, Kris

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Kris,

      How is it going with your Google Plus marketing? Did you find that your website rank increases the more you use it?

  2. Vinnie Prasad

    For my online business i haven’t really focused on google plus but i can really see the benefits on why i should. If it does help with SEO and your rankings then i can only imagine the rankings it can give me. I think like all things you must spend time building up your circle.

    Thank you for the really written article and helped me out a lot. What are your thoughts on social media platforms like Instagram and snap-chat?

    1. Ben (Post author)

      Hi Vinnie,

      It is a good idea to be active on all the social channels, including Instagram and Snapchat. However, each niche has its own social channels that are best for that niche — for example, art and culinary niches should focus on Pinterest and Instagram, while internet marketing niches may be more profitable if they are on Google+. Depending on your niche, you might want to focus on one channel more than another. You could also test it out yourself — look at Google Analytics to see from which channel you are getting the most visitors, and how long they are staying on your site.


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